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Florida Bound

SuitcaseSo big news around here, I’m going to Florida!  I don’t know if I mentioned it yet but I’ll be doing a practicum (learning internship type thing) at 21st Century Oncology in Florida.  Housing and travel are paid for which is pretty sweet.  I just have to cover food and entertainment!

While I’m super excited, I also have thought of some possible hurdles I might face during this 6-week-long trip:

Eating Healthy

I don’t know what kind of kitchen I’ll have, what cooking supplies there will be, or if I’ll be able to pack lunch daily.  For most of the students I’m going with, they seem to be okay eating out every lunch time but I’m not okay with that (it is expensive and my metaolism doesn’t react kindly).  I can buy some cheap Ziplock containers for lunches and buy pre-portioned yogurts and things but I think I’ll be living on pretty simple food while I’m there.  On the bright side, I’ve already done my research and there is a Whole Foods nearby!  Yeah!

Running Safely

I don’t know exactly where the housing is yet nor do I know if the area is a safe area to run alone.  I also need to pack minimally for the trip but I’ll need to bring a water belt for the Florida heat if I plan on running outside.  Maybe I can convince one of my fellow students to jog with me?  That is unlikely.

Strength Training

I was hoping to get into a new lifting schedule as of May but that will be greatly interrupted when I leave.  What should I do instead?  Body weight exercises?  Insanity?  If I’m in a condo, is there gym access?  Will I have a downstairs neighbor who won’t appreciate me jumping around at 6AM?  Will I disturb my housemate?  Is there a cheap gym nearby?  One idea I had was to try out the CrossFit gym for 6 weeks.  It would be expensive but it might be fun.  Then again, I don’t know how much I’ll really be able to make it there since I don’t know what my schedule will be like.  I’ll also be sharing a car with my housemate so I can’t just leave whenever I feel like it.  (Another idea – sign up for a free trial week at a different gym for each of the 6 weeks.  MWAHAHAHA!)

Packing Priorities

There are a number of things I could bring with me but should I?  My favorite water bottle?  My lunch box?  My running sneakers and a pair of cross-trainers?  I have a tendency to over pack so I really need to think about this list ahead of time.  Should I bring my DSLR or will my pocket camera suffice?  I love/hate being minimal and 6 weeks is long enough to need stuff but is it all really necessary?

That is all the questions I have thought of so far.  I just like to be prepared so I think about crazy stuff like this before big trips.  I am not stressed out about it though.  I know it will all be fine and if I forget something, Rob can ship it to me or I can go buy a new one; they have stores in Florida (though I want to keep my “buying” costs as low as possible as I know I will need lots of things when I get there like shampoo, laundry detergent, etc.).  I just like to think things through so I can make an educated decision and not a last minute pressured one.  One thing is for certain though – I have to pack my bathing suit!


Any solutions for my little dilemmas? 

Is there anything else I will need to consider while living in a strange city for 6 weeks?

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