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April Fool’s Day Fool’s Challenge 7K & Half Marathon


I ran 17.45 miles this weekend.

Technically it was a run/walk but still, I can’t believe it ! I’m not even that sore surprisingly. But more on that later…

This weekend, I ran the Atlantic City April Fool’s Day Fool’s Challenge which consisted of a 7K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. There was also the option to do the Jester’s Challenge which was an 11K and the half marathon. I’m not that crazy.

It started out with quick packet pick up at Resorts Casino on Friday night. Parking was free at the Taj Mahal all weekend

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April 2015 Goals

Happy April! After first, I had thought that I wouldn’t bother trying to resume monthly goals this month because it is going to be crazy. Reasons not to make goals this month:

Preparing to graduate – classwork, projects, research, etc. Lots of traveling and commuting Busy weekends with events, rugby games, and holidays Trying to figure out my future after graduation

This month really is going to be very, very busy, busier than any semester that has come before. So while I would totally be fine with not making goals, I decided this morning that I would at least write

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Relaxing Spring Break


Hello strangers! I have been insanely busy with school as you can probably guess. This semester has been the most work I have had since going back to grad school 4 years ago. Luckily, I am taking better care of myself now than I was last year and am handling the stress much better. I haven’t just been working the last few weeks, I took some time for myself too!

I took a day trip to Cape May, NJ with friends where we went to the zoo and to the beach (in the snow…)

We had actually gone to

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Slushy Run


Why on earth did I see this is my driveway this morning and think “looks like a good day for a run!”??

I think it was the lure of the 37º showing on my weather app. I drove 1 town over to see if they had plowed their bike pike like they usually do and all was good! There were only a few sections with a little slush or water but mostly only near road crossings.

It actually got pretty warm while I was out there but I wasn’t too hot. The sun felt really nice when

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10 Things to Look for When Joining a Gym


Today was the first day I finally used my new gym membership. I joined because it has just been too darn cold outside to run and have races to train for, Mother Nature! I ended up joining my old gym for a number of reasons and thought I would share my thoughts with you all. So here are my top things I look for when joining a gym!

#1 Location

If it is inconvenient to get to, you won’t go. I chose a gym that has multiple locations, one near my house and one on my way to school.

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Broad Street, Round 3


I am SO EXCITED! This year, I will run the Blue Cross Broad Street Run for the 3rd time!

The Broad Street Run is a 10 mile race and it will be the 36th year this May. It was my very first double digit mileage race back in 2010 and I loved every minute of it! (Even if they didn’t give out medals until 2011!)

I loved the race so much, that I went back for another round in 2011! The first time, I ran it with my friend Jess who was a much more advanced runner (who is

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Crunch Time


Hey everyone! I know it has been like crickets around here. I have been super busy with school. There has been a lot of coffee, reading, and paper writing happening. I have 3 huge things due all this week!

Drink Coffee, Study, Drink More Coffee, Study, Sleep, Repeat.

This semester, while it is my last, is looking like it will also be my hardest and busiest. That basically means there isn’t a lot of fitness happening lately. I joined a gym on the first of the month and was so excited to start using it but haven’t even had

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Cigars & Sidecars


I have been so busy lately! The little free time I do have is spent with Rob. A little recap of the last few days.

Saturday was my friend Brian’s birthday and we headed out to Philadelphia with him to celebrate. He chose the place and we spent the majority of the night at Ashton Cigar Bar. It was a pretty swanky place, which we knew ahead of time, so Rob and I got dolled up for the evening.

Brian really liked his fancy cigars and just sitting around chatting with friends so that is what we did! While

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