I’m Angela – a graduate student in Medical Physics, an amateur runner, a health and fitness enthusiast. I write about my life in general with a health focus and a slant to science!

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25 Foods To Eat
What I Ate 8/29/14
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Back to School Fall 2014


What I Ate 8/29/14

Friday, I just had to work but there was a catch – Rob was riding up to Philadelphia with me!  So I knew I would be going out later…

9:00 AM  Cheddar cheese omelet with zucchini and tomatoes.  Coffee with cream and coconut sugar.

2014-08-29 10.03.35

I had a morning meeting and worked through lunch.  Before getting on the train, Rob and I ran out for lunch at our

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25 Foods To Eat

We’ll get to the 25 foods in a minute.  First, my daily eats recap.  I liked Kristen’s recap of her day with timestamps so I’m going to go with that today!

9:00AM I needed some quick carbs before my workout so I grabbed an Archer Farms Simply Balanced Very Berry Fruit Strip.  Just something to hold me over so I could get Focus T25 Beta Core Cardio done!

tia110334957125 Foods To Eat

Back to School Fall 2014

Well, yesterday didn’t go as planned…


I got up at 5:30 and managed to get out of the house right on time! I had a coupon for a huge coffee at Dunkin Donuts. There is one right near the train station so I grabbed that… and a muffin. Whoops! I got the reduced fat blueberry muffin thinking it would have less calories but it wasn’t worth the sacrifice for more sugar (and only 70 less

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What I Ate 8/26/2014

PhotoGrid_1409137045693Calories: 1430 Fat: 35g (low) Carbs: 194g (high) Protein: 65g (low)

Yesterday I thought I started off okay with some leftover pizza for breakfast (topped with fresh tomatoes) but that is where it all started to go downhill.  My schedule got changed and I was exhausted so I stopped for a huge (free) Dunkin Donuts drink before heading to school.  I didn’t check the calories beforehand but figured it

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What I Ate 8/25/14

Yesterday was going so well!  I was right on track with calories, I felt good, I had a great dinner planned.  The end of the day didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped as something came up and we ended up with burritos for dinner.

PhotoGrid_1409063478414Note: I only ate half of the bagel in the lower left photo.

All things considered though, I still stayed under

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What I Ate 8/24/14

How was the first day of the challenge?  Well, the challenge is to report everything and here it is!


So technically, that’s it right?  Well, not exactly.  Let’s take yesterday as an example of how I’ve been eating for the last few weeks.  Lots of junk.  And that repeated picture of the beer isn’t a mistake.  There were two. 

On the bright side, I ran/walked 4 miles yesterday! 

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Nutrition Accountability Week


This week, my friend Kristen (over at Livin’ Life in Louie) and I are making each other accountable by tracking and sharing everything we eat. I have been really struggling to get moving and losing this weight. My eats haven’t been great and my fitness is very lacking so being accountable to a friend really helps. Maybe I’ll skip that dessert or the handful of candy because I don’t want everyone to see. I know

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Philly Half Marathon Training Plan

I have finally settled on a training plan I am happy with!  For weeks, I have been trying to find a plan that fit all my needs. 

Short, easy workouts on Mondays Rest day on Wednesdays Long runs on Fridays

I couldn’t find a plan on the internet that met all my needs and felt right to me so I sat down and put several plans together until I came up with this one.  (PPR = Peddle Paddle Run)

Philly Half Marathon Training Plan