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This Week With Me: Sewing & Ice Cream Hats

This past week has been pretty crazy!  Last Wednesday, I left my house at 6:30AM and walked in the front door at 12:30 AM (as in Thursday morning).  I was beat and went to bed as soon as I could but was awoken all night by calf spasms from my Body Beast Legs workout on Tuesday.  This was the start of sleep deprivation for me.

Thursday was spent hanging out with my sister.  I wore compression socks under my jeans all day which dramatically helped the soreness.  My poor thighs had to suffer though.  That night, Rob and I headed

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Local Eats: Sunrise Café

Last week, my sister and I met up for breakfast and decided to try a completely new place.  Neither of us had ever been there and now that summer is over (after Labor Day means the tourists are gone!), we could happily enjoy breakfast in a beach town without fighting for parking or waiting for a table.

We headed to Ocean City, NJ to the Sunrise Café.

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The Beast Returns

IMG_20140907_152616I wasn’t going to say anything but I can’t keep secrets so I have to let you all know (and it was on my Instagram and Facebook anyway), I’ve ordered Body Beast!  You might remember that I tried it a few years ago and loved it.  I never did the whole program (I am a chronic non-follower-of-fitness-programs) but I still liked the concept and loved having the workouts on

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6 Steps to Work Efficiency

So, how about those races I signed up for?  Let’s recheck my calendar:

September 27th – Peddle Paddle Run October 18th – Atlantic City 10K November 23rd – Philadelphia Half Marathon

And that fancy, schmancy training plan I made?  Well, it started 2 weeks ago.  Have I peen following it?  Nope.

School started last week and while I’m busier than normal, I’m not so busy not to do my runs.  I just haven’t made them a priority lately.  Today, as soon as I got up, I went for my run.  I have so much other work to do and now

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Making the Decision: Whole30 or Not?

I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing the Whole30 Challenge from the book It Starts With Food.  This isn’t anything new.  I originally read the book back in 2012 (there is a newer version also).  I never did the Whole30 (meaning a “whole 30 days”) after reading the book, even though I really enjoyed it and would recommend the book to others.

So I’m back to debating on doing the Whole30 after a friend of mine had a great time with the challenge.  But is it right for me?  Let’s decide…

Making the Decision: Whole30 or Not?

What I Ate 8/30/2014


First up, food report.  I didn’t track.  I was probably over on calories because of the hot dogs and s’mores roasted over a fit pit last night.  I also had a mixed drink.  I don’t think I blew it out of the water though, probably no more than 2200 calories.  I’m not going to stress about it.  My breakfast and lunch was pretty healthy (I also didn’t eat my

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What I Ate 8/29/14

Friday, I just had to work but there was a catch – Rob was riding up to Philadelphia with me!  So I knew I would be going out later…

9:00 AM  Cheddar cheese omelet with zucchini and tomatoes.  Coffee with cream and coconut sugar.

2014-08-29 10.03.35

I had a morning meeting and worked through lunch.  Before getting on the train, Rob and I ran out for lunch at our

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25 Foods To Eat

We’ll get to the 25 foods in a minute.  First, my daily eats recap.  I liked Kristen’s recap of her day with timestamps so I’m going to go with that today!

9:00AM I needed some quick carbs before my workout so I grabbed an Archer Farms Simply Balanced Very Berry Fruit Strip.  Just something to hold me over so I could get Focus T25 Beta Core Cardio done!

tia110334957125 Foods To Eat