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January Wrap Up


Wow I missed a whole week of blogging! Let’s do lots of pictures and less text today.

Monday: Digging my sister out of her house

Michele’s first time at Chipotle!

Clothes shopping! How do I look?

Kitty Prison

Spent most of Tuesday afternoon carrying this little cutie around!

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Winter Storm Jonas


Happy Snow Day! Well, really yesterday was the snow today. Today is looking pretty good. We got about 7 inches of snow overnight Friday night. It snowed most of the day Saturday but wasn’t very thick and I don’t think added that much.

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Making Gym Progress


Happy Friday! Today’s workout was tough, cardio-wise. I had a hard time catching my breath all of class. Here is a brief description, because I don’t plan on doing full recaps forever. I will try to mention new things we do!

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WIAW: Home Cooking


Rob has been spoiling me in the kitchen lately! He’s been on a home-cooked pasta kick in addition to fresh baked bread. Who am I to say no? We’ve just been really good at eating at home lately instead of going out. It is healthier and cheaper so we have been trying! Here’s a few things we’ve been having lately.

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Bullpen WOD


Mondays generally feel higher on the cardio than anything else but I guess Jose has to keep us guessing because this week had a lot of strength stuff.

It was really cold out so there was no running outside. I rode the stationary bike while we waited for people to arrive.

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Rob’s 32nd Birthday Celebrations


This weekend, Rod and I had absolutely no plans at all. It was Rob’s birthday on Saturday so I left it up to him what we would do. On Saturday, I had made plans with his parents to go out to dinner but Rob decided he wanted to stay in and cook dinner himself. He likes to make pasta and his mom had never had

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WOD: Medicine Ball Madness


Today’s Bullpen workout is brought to you by the medicine ball.

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NYC For a Day


I went to New York City yesterday to hang out with a friend! I met Missy in college, a fellow physics major, and she was a bridesmaid at my wedding. She lives in Texas now so we don’t get to see each other often. Her and another friend were in NYC for a week long trip and they invited me up for a day!

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