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WIAW: Pumpkin Time!
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WIAW: Pumpkin Time!

Since I’ve been slacking at blog posts lately, I thought I would make it a bit more fun for myself and do some typical blogger posts.  Welcome to What I Ate Wednesday!  This will just include recipes or yummy foods I’ve been having as of late.

Pumpkin Everything

I’m not obsessed with pumpkin like the rest of America seems to be.  I just made some pumpkin muffins and then needed to use up the rest of the can so I had to get creative.

WIAW: Pumpkin Time!

Pedal Paddle Run Race Recap

This past Saturday was the annual Pedal Paddle Run in Absecon, NJ.  I don’t know how long they have been doing this race but I heard about it last year and knew I would have to participate one year.  Well, this was the year! 


The day started out easy enough.  No wait, I lie.  The day started out with my alarm clock not going

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Budgeting For Health


I’ve decided that I need to cut back on a few things, not just for my health but for my budget too. You all know that I am in school and this means that I have a very limited budget. My husband works but his income covers the minimum expenses. I depend on student loans for all school expenses and in the end, there is little left over.

In order to enjoy the good things in life, we budget out fun things like going to the Renaissance Faire, traveling for his rugby team, nights out on the town, etc. This

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Busier Than Ever!

What another crazy week!  Nothing exciting this week to share like last week.  The only big thing that I have a picture of is the kilt I made for the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire:

2014-09-19 22.59.522014-09-19 23.00.32

My mom helped a ton and we

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This Week With Me: Sewing & Ice Cream Hats

This past week has been pretty crazy!  Last Wednesday, I left my house at 6:30AM and walked in the front door at 12:30 AM (as in Thursday morning).  I was beat and went to bed as soon as I could but was awoken all night by calf spasms from my Body Beast Legs workout on Tuesday.  This was the start of sleep deprivation for me.

Thursday was spent hanging out with my sister.  I wore compression socks under my jeans all day which dramatically helped the soreness.  My poor thighs had to suffer though.  That night, Rob and I headed

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Local Eats: Sunrise Café

Last week, my sister and I met up for breakfast and decided to try a completely new place.  Neither of us had ever been there and now that summer is over (after Labor Day means the tourists are gone!), we could happily enjoy breakfast in a beach town without fighting for parking or waiting for a table.

We headed to Ocean City, NJ to the Sunrise Café.

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The Beast Returns

IMG_20140907_152616I wasn’t going to say anything but I can’t keep secrets so I have to let you all know (and it was on my Instagram and Facebook anyway), I’ve ordered Body Beast!  You might remember that I tried it a few years ago and loved it.  I never did the whole program (I am a chronic non-follower-of-fitness-programs) but I still liked the concept and loved having the workouts on

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6 Steps to Work Efficiency

So, how about those races I signed up for?  Let’s recheck my calendar:

September 27th – Peddle Paddle Run October 18th – Atlantic City 10K November 23rd – Philadelphia Half Marathon

And that fancy, schmancy training plan I made?  Well, it started 2 weeks ago.  Have I peen following it?  Nope.

School started last week and while I’m busier than normal, I’m not so busy not to do my runs.  I just haven’t made them a priority lately.  Today, as soon as I got up, I went for my run.  I have so much other work to do and now

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