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Starting Over Running Style


Now that school is out, I have plenty of time to get fit, right? But, like most people, I feel a little paralyzed without a plan. I was also feeling overwhelmed by the options to get fit. Do I use my workout DVDs? Do I just run a whole lot? Where do I start?

Finally, I decided I really like to run and would like to be a better runner. Yes, I have done 2 half marathons and a 10 miler in the last 6 months but they weren’t easy, and I wasn’t fast by any means. There was a

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Body Composition Analysis with Jersey Shore Sports Medicine


Yesterday, I stopped by Dr. Brian Sokalsky’s office, Jersey Shore Sports Medicine in Ocean City, NJ, and we did a Body Composition Analysis using his SECA mBCA system.

Without going into the technical details, the system basically sends electrical pulses through your arms and legs and measures the impedance on the signal. It took about 5 minutes going through all of the prompts and taking the measurement. Dr. Sokalsky then walked me through the 8 pages of information that the system provides. There were a few key things to get out of all the information provided:

Weight Phase

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What Comes Next

Great news! Grad school is officially done! Unofficially, I have to write a paper for my Capstone adviser but otherwise, I’m done! Graduation is on Sunday and will be really nice.

Even with all the excitement, I’m having a bit of a “What Now” crisis. The residency thing didn’t work out so I don’t have solid plans for the immediate future. I started applying for jobs but am only starting to get time now so that is slow going. In the meantime, I figured I should work on things I can control.

I can apply for jobs. I can write

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Review: Newton Fate Running Shoes


I have actually been a long time fan of Newton Running, not just because it is named after a physicist

I originally heard of them when I read this article in Runner’s World Magazine. I was completely intrigued by their ideas and kept a look out for the sneakers (I even called nearby running shops but no one had them). Finally, I saw them at a race expo and got myself a pair!

Circa 2012

If you don’t know anything about Newton’s, let me do a quick run down of how they are different than regular sneakers.

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Broad Street Run 2015


This past weekend was the 36th annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run! I ran this race in 2010 and 2011, back when it was 10,000 people smaller and a bit simpler.



You could just register for the event back then and show up on race day. After, in 2012, it sold out in 5 hours, they went to a lottery system. Back in February, a friend from school who moved to Philadelphia last year convinced me to put my name into the lottery for the race and we both got picked!

I hit the

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Meal Mixing


The weekend before last, I was feeling super sick with allergies. My husband was totally awesome though and did a bunch of food prep for me since I’m too busy during the week to cook!

I made hardboiled eggs earlier in the day. He cooked up salmon, steak, chicken, and sausages for protein choices. He also made steamed broccoli, rice, and fresh homemade pasta for sides. I have fresh, raw veggies in the fridge for more options. Now I can just grab a few things and make a meal! I thought I’d share what I came up with.

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April Festivities


Happy Monday everyone! I have a moment to breathe! Well, not literally, because my nose is beyond stuffy.

So I’ve been super busy lately. The same weekend of the Atlantic City April Fool’s Day races was also Russian Orthodox Easter, which I host every year for my family. We had a really great time and even had a few close friends stop by too. Everyone is welcome! Even if only a handful of people in attendance are actually Russian.

My mom took more pictures that I did, I was pretty exhausted and busy making sure everyone had food and drink

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April Fool’s Day Fool’s Challenge 7K & Half Marathon


I ran 17.45 miles this weekend.

Technically it was a run/walk but still, I can’t believe it ! I’m not even that sore surprisingly. But more on that later…

This weekend, I ran the Atlantic City April Fool’s Day Fool’s Challenge which consisted of a 7K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. There was also the option to do the Jester’s Challenge which was an 11K and the half marathon. I’m not that crazy.

It started out with quick packet pick up at Resorts Casino on Friday night. Parking was free at the Taj Mahal all weekend

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