Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Angela. I am a scientist, wife, cat-mom, and fitness enthusiast. This page is my personal blog, and you will find a range of topics, centered around healthy living. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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March Towards Health

Happy March! My races are right around the corner and things aren’t going very smoothly at all. I have been feeling not-so-great lately and it has really been hampering my training. I have had stomach issues for years now (you could probably find plenty of posts about it right here on my blog!) and I’m finally taking more steps to get it under control. Last

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Start of 2017 Race Training

I mentioned briefly in my last post that I was registered for two races this coming April, the Philly Hot Chocolate 15K and the Atlantic City April Fool’s Half Marathon. Today, I also put my name in the Broad Street Run lottery to try to do that race in May. It is a 10 Miler and I’ve run it 3 times before already. It is

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February 2017 Goals

First, let’s recap January a bit. I’ve learned a few things:

I’m not in any sort of fitness routine. Afternoons aren’t working and mornings are soooo early. My eating is getting better. I’m cooking more and my restaurant choices are getting better as well. I need to drink more water (story of my life). I need to get up and MOVE more during the day.

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Already Exercised Today!

Two in a row! That’s right, I hit the gym two days in a row. That is pretty hard for me. Today, I work in the afternoon so I had to go to the gym at 6AM which is soooo early for exercising. I do like though that I don’t have to eat beforehand. I prefer to not eat before workouts. This morning felt pretty

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Starting off 2017 Right

Hello!!! All those thin promises of blogging. Well, better late then never. I am working on getting a regular schedule again. Not just for blogging but for fitness too. Today would have been alright except for a mid-day detour from work. But that isn’t important today. What is is my workout! I made sure to make it a priority to hit the gym this afternoon.

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Happy New Year 2017

Hello strangers! Or am I the stranger? Well, either way, I’ve missed you all! Things have been a little crazy lately and I just needed a break from one thing and that thing ended up being blogging. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I’ve still be around, just not full scale. What have I been up to? Just the usual stuff – work,

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Tough Workout at Ambitious

What a workout today. Caroline (the trainer and owner at Ambitious Fitness) really kicked my butt today. I think it was a combination of just having a blah day and the particular moves she picked but it really had me feeling exhausted.

We started with an easy warm up consisting of rowing, dynamic stretching, and pushups. Next was a 12 minute, every minute

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Enjoy Summer 2016

Hello strangers! It has only been over a month since my last blog. My how the time has flown by! I have been super busy this summer. Also, with the new job, I’m finding it really hard to fit in blogging time. How about we just get caught up and try to do better in the next few days and weeks to come?

Friends &

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