18 Weeks to Philly Half Marathon 2014

18 Weeks to Philly Half Marathon 2014

Hello again all!  This blogging once a week thing has to be remedied.  I have some topics but not time!  I just can’t make the time until after my board exam in August.  Anyway!

On to this week’s workouts.  Honestly, I had to think pretty hard to recall my workouts because they were sadly sparse:


DSC_2720I really dropped the ball this week.  On the bright side, I managed to kill it on Wednesday.  I shaved 6 minutes off my run from Friday (when I honestly just didn’t feel like running) and 2 minutes off of Monday (when I was actually trying).  I think the right mindset and the cool weather really helped (it was raining).  That run made me feel good!

I did plan to exercise on at least one other day also but ran out of time due to technical issues trying to get the DVD to play.  In order to help me to better fit in workouts, I am going to work on getting my home gym cleaned off.  We have a whole lifting set on our back porch but it has gotten cluttered up and needs a good scrub down too.  I hope I can find some time this weekend!

In other health & fitness news, I have been having too many splurge foods lately.  It is okay sometimes and I actually do pretty well on the weekdays but the weekend is not a free pass for junk food.  Maybe logging my food will better help me get that under control.  Logging is something I have not been doing as of late, as it feels like just another thing to do on my already long list of tasks and obligations.

That is all for health and fitness.  This weekend, Rob has his last Sevens tournament for rugby and they did really well, only losing their last game, taking second place.


It was a really nice day to be outside too so I enjoyed lounging around and even got some studying done.  I am glad though that we aren’t so busy the next few weeks, so I can really sit down and study uninterrupted.  Anyway, it is time for me to get moving.  I have to eat something and then head out for another 2 miles today!

4 thoughts on “18 Weeks to Philly Half Marathon 2014

    1. It is definitely a struggle! When I skip a workout, I feel guilty. When I do exercise, I feel guilty for not using that time to study! Just have to find a balance 🙂

  1. I’m pretty sure I will be doing the philly half as well…haven’t been running at all! So it’s time to build a little base before I really start training. My dad used to play rugby back in the day too – though I really have no idea of any of the rules at all!

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