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19 Weeks to Philly Half Marathon 2014

Happy Monday!  Here is my recap from last week:

Log_2014-07-132014-07-08 11.27.18

Overall, not bad but not great either.  Those miles were pretty rough.  I have been doing a walk/jog thing and have been hovering around 15 minutes per mile for each run.  All those runs were done on trails but it wasn’t much better with today’s run on pavement.  I just have a long way to go before I feel like I’m in any kind of running shape again.

Also notice the gaps in there!  I need to work on getting more consistent workouts in.  Tuesday night, there was chaos on the train and it took me 5 hours to get home, rolling in around 2 AM.  Hence, I took a rest day Wednesday.  Thursday, I was just feeling off.  I made sure to get something in on Friday because Saturday was an entire day of rugby and I knew I wouldn’t have time.

Speaking of rugby (since I have nothing else to talk about with my workouts), Rob’s sevens team won their tournament!


It was a really fun (though long) day with the guys.  Rob even scored!  I made this little gif of Rob just pushing a guy off that tried to tackle him.  LoL


We just have one more tournament this coming weekend and I think that is it until 15’s season in the Fall!

Now I have to be off to get ready for work and get some studying in.  Until another day!

  • Tiffany

    Hang in there…a few slow runs are better than no runs! Just keep plugging away…remember you can eat an entire elephant, one bite at a time…you’ll get there, you have plenty of time to prep!!!

  • http://livinlifeinlouie.wordpress.com livinlifeinlouie

    Yea for getting back to running!!!! You will get the miles up and start getting in the groove one day at a time :)