2013 Goals

2013 Goals


2013 is shaping up to be a big year for me.  I have a ton going on with school, fitness, blogging, life in general.  I have no idea where life is going to go so I enlisted the help of my wonderful hubs to make goals with me!  Of course, his were a little crazy, I expected nothing less but we wrapped them up nicely and came up with this list:

  1. Run a sub-30 minute 5K.
  2. Run a sub-2:30 half marathon.
  3. Do another fun run.
  4. Do another fun Bike Ride (like the ACS Bike-a-Thon).
  5. Walk/Run/Bike 1000 miles.
  6. Volunteer three times.

These are very different from last year’s goals and also not where I thought I would be going with the year.  I thought I would cut down on my running but honestly, it keeps me moving.  But I also made sure not to make another “marathon” goal.  Half marathons are doable for me without much trouble.  I have to train but it doesn’t take over my whole life.  I can still do other fun things while I train for those. 

The 1000 mile challenge is actually from a friend of mine.  I don’t know how realistic this is for me until I realized that it also include biking.  I’ll be using my FitBit data for this also so every day walking will count toward it.  I just rolled over the 1000 mile mark on my FitBit which I’ve have for about a year and 2 months now so I guess it would be reasonable.  We’ll see! 

Of course, there are always things I’m doing and monthly goals will pop up but I like to keep my yearly goals bigger, more difficult.  Things I need more time to work toward.  I also want to lose weight still but I didn’t want to make it a goal.  I want to see where January takes me and go from there!

What are some of your 2013 goals?

2 thoughts on “2013 Goals

  1. Absolutely LOVE the “move 1000mi” goal! Running 1000 miles in a year is probably never gonna happen for me, but I love the idea of running, walking, and biking 1000! I’m adding that to my goal list for 2013! 🙂 The sub-30 5K and sub-2:30 13.1 goals were both on my 2012 list and I got to cross off both of them! Best of luck 🙂

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