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New Asics

This weekend, I made a second trip to Fleet Feet.  While I loved the Mizuno’s that we picked the first time they were a little big (should not have gone up that half a size!) and very stiff for me.  I went back and asked for something similar but more flexible.  I like my sneakers to bend and move when I run.  The women helping me got it spot on the first try!  This time, I ended up with the Asics Gel Cumulus 15.

IMG_20140119_155447Orange and Blue!  Syracuse colors!  (My alma mater)

While I was a little wary of so much padding since I typically prefer racing flats, I went with it because of all the injuries I’ve had over the last 2 years, hoping they would get me back in running shape.

Monday, I was able to take them out for a little spin.  I had tried the Mizuno’s and made it 0.5 miles.  I made it 2+ miles in these!


I kept my pace relatively even and took regular walking breaks whenever I felt the need.  The only thing I noticed with them is that my lower legs felt very stiff, like they were working extra hard, probably because of the extra padding.  BUT!  There was no ankle or foot pain so that is a thumbs up.  The plan now is to keep practicing 1-2 miles until I feel ready to add more distance.  It feels good to be back on the road!

In life news, not much is going on.  We are getting a snow storm here and classes were canceled for tonight, but I did have any anyway.  We will see if they are canceled tomorrow too.  I have a 9AM class so I hope they get the announcement out relatively early (that is, before I get on the 7AM train!).  Now, off to cook, clean, and study! 

How is winter where you live?

We don’t often get snow so it has been a treat this year with a few storms.  Sadly though, because it is rare, the towns basically shut down when it comes.  I don’t mind staying in my nice warm apartment!

  • TiffyDawn

    So far with each storm we’ve gotten more here in S. Jersey than my parents in NY State! My dad thinks it’s pretty funny…I don’t…my truck stinks in the snow!
    Glad you like your new kicks. I’m thinking of getting a new pair for the gym. I love my Merrills, I have 2 pairs, I just want another pair, different style, still zero drop…love getting new gym shoes!

    • http://thechickenscoop.net/ Angela-Chicken Scoop

      These have a 10mm drop which is slightly lower than the Mizunos (at 12mm) which is good. I can’t do zero drop but would have preferred something a little lower. BUT, I am not going to argue when I’ve had so many foot problems! I am just trying to go with the flow until I’m all better!!! (I KNOW you know what I mean)

  • kristen

    love the new kicks! and pretty cool how a good pair of kicks can get you farther. Maybe one day I will start running more consistently…haha. I hate winter. It was snowy and icy again this morning, and only 14 degrees. I just want spring!

    • http://thechickenscoop.net/ Angela-Chicken Scoop

      I just take the days I can get! If it is above 35 degrees and sunny then I try to get in at least a little jog!! Until it is nicer out, I won’t be very consistent either. I refuse to use the treadmill!

      • kristen

        that thing is the devil haha

        • TiffyDawn