28th Birthday Recap!

Yesterday was my birthday!  I’m not big on birthdays really.  I prefer to just do whatever I want and hang out with Rob.  Well, I did whatever I wanted but Rob was in NJ.  So let’s recap my birthday!  First off, let me show you what Rob got me for my birthday.  If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting these fancy-schmancy pictures on my blog because Rob bought me a new camera!  The Nikon D5100 with both the 55mm and 300mm lenses!  He saved for months for it and then let me basically pick which camera I wanted.  He’s the best!!!!


To give you an idea, here are pictures from 18mm, 55mm, and 300mm, zooming in on the flag over the building across the way (its in the middle where the roof dips down between the chimneys).


DSCN6990AMAZING!!!  So I walked around downtown Dover for a bit to try and get some nice pictures but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I had some errands to do though so the walking was nice.  Finally, I headed back to my apartment to workout.  I was going to do Hip Hop Abs but instead, I made a youtube playlist of Zumba songs and it was a blast!  I was a sweaty mess again Smile  Here is my workout if you want to try it!  I am really debating now on joining a local gym.  I really miss Zumba and Body Pump.  Would be a nice option!  Besides, I burned 487 calories in 51 minutes!  Yeah!

I ended my day by eating dinner and getting Cold Stone as my birthday treat (instead of cake).  Chocolate with peanut butter and peanut butter cups.  Dinner was leftover fajitas over lettuce (Recipe).  Both YUM!


And I just relaxed (and drank my water – can’t forget those goals!) for the rest of the day.  Oh, and have you noticed my hair looks a little different in the pictures since I got it cut last?  That’s because I got it cut again!  Who am I kidding?  I’m made to have short hair.  What was I thinking, trying to grow it out.  And the second it got hot and I tried to go jogging (and it was laying on my neck), I had had enough!  Love the new (old) cut.  I am thinking it needs pink highlights again though!


So that’s pretty much it for my day!  Nice and quiet and relaxing.  To end, a couple pictures I took with my camera.  Nothing too crazy yet.  Still love that dew picture I posted here already!







(That’s obviously not Rob but look at the detail!  Look at the sand around his feet!!!)

So that’s it!  Happy birthday to me!!  And thanks for everyone for the birthday wishes!!

I figured I’d do a quick health recap too.  I missed my water by 2 cups.  The “avoid non-Paleo foods” rule is a little vague for me.  I wasn’t trying to avoid the ice cream at all and am not upset that I ate it.  So I did I succeed in avoiding non-Paleo or not?  I don’t see it as a failure because I consciously ate it and the rule isn’t “don’t eat non-Paleo at all”.  Meh.  So I changed my chart to shoot for 15 days instead of 20.  That leaves me 2 days a week to eat non-Paleo foods, and I counted yesterday as a success (the day before with the Cliff bar was not).  My goals, my rules!  LoL.  But this rule isn’t so black-and-white.


By the way, I’ve needed to use the last hole in my belt consistently this week.  I’ve been using the second hole previously.  Yay!!  Now, to get back to where I was last summer when I was begging Rob to add another hole for me.  Soon!!!

5 thoughts on “28th Birthday Recap!

  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a great day…LOVE the haircut! I need to do something and you always inspire me, though I need to keep mine longer…
    Camera seems like so much fun! I love the picture of the bird on the feeder…enjoy!

  2. Yay to that last hole!!

    Happy Birthday and all. I love your hair, too! My hair’s supposed to be that way but it’s SO FRIGGING HUMID (just wait til Oct and you’ll be VERY lucky if we get an early cold-snap) here that is curls/ waves around even with blowstyling flat and then flatironing.

    If Zumba rocks your world, then rock it! Not my thing, sadly. However, I converted one of my “I don’t do things that make me sweat” friends to fitness via Zumba 🙂

  3. Happy late Birthday!!!! here we are emailing on your birthday, and I had no idea!!1 I wish I would have known, I need to send you a gift!
    keep up the great work! and that camera..I am SOOO jealous. Those pictures are amazing! And love the haircut!

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