3 Years Today!

3 Years Today!

3 years ago today I married by best friend!

So this weekend was spent celebrating!  Actually, just Friday.  We decided to go out to dinner and putz around at the casinos.  We have been wanting to try Mia at Caesar’s and decided to head there.  It is absolutely beautiful there (which we knew because you can see into the restaurant when you walk by).

As you can see, the place is enormous.  They also had this really cool wine room as tall as these ceilings that had library ladders to reach all the wines.  The picture came out poor but you get the idea!

With the bread, they served roasted garlic covered in olive oil (bottom left of the wine glass photo).  It was delicious!  But a little tricky to eat.  I wasn’t sure how to get the garlic out.  I managed but I don’t know what the proper way was to do it!  Anyway, Rob got the surf and turf and I go some sort of fish dish with mushrooms risotto.  It was everything I expected!  We also ordered creme brule for dessert.  My favorite dessert by far!  This one was ok.  The vanilla cream was good but I like it when it is a thin dish with lots of caramelized sugar on top.  This was very thick, not enough of the crunchy sugar!

Rob’s dish even came with Purple Carrots!!!  I did a blog a long time ago about purple vegetables on SparkPeople, I will have to repost it here sometime.  I was just happy to see something different!  Then, we headed off to the pier where there are lots of fancy shops.  We were sad to see a lot of the stores have closed since the summer.  Ah, the recession.  Starbucks even closes now at 7!  Rob was really bummed!  But he got to meet Cleopatra so that made it a little better 😉

After that, we did very little shopping and then headed back home.  On the way out, there was a pile of guys by the parking garage elevators!  We didn’t know what to do but then we saw 2 of the men had on badges and were arresting the third guy.  Scary!!  It was definitely time to head out of the city!

As you know, my weekends are always jam packed.  I was worried about this weekend because I also had lots of work (which I am leaving to do in a moment!).  But as usual, Rob had Rugby on Saturday (no pics uploaded, sorry) and we headed to the Bards in Philadelphia like after all away games (they are one of the team’s sponsors!)  They had some Magners Apple Cider girls there giving out free samples.  It was good!  I ended up getting a pint too.  Definitely a must try.  Since its cider, even non-beer drinkers might like it!

Sunday was time for errands and school work.  We had a lot of errands to do and decided to start the day at one of my favorite places, The Harley Dawn Diner.  The girl totally caught me taking a picture of there sign informing me of the pumpkin pancakes.  I told her I write a blog and she seemed excited!  That was the first time I really got caught taking a photo.  LoL!  It was bound to happen!  I was also excited about the pumpkin spice coffee.  Mmm I love pumpkin!


Delicious as usual!  Their pancakes are my absolute favorite but we live just far enough away to not go very often.  Always a treat 🙂

Alright, so my computer is acting up and I have work to do, so I’m going to leave you all hanging here.  Nothing too exciting left really.  A local Italian market, a local apple farm, and some delicious home cooking!  Oh and lots of fall photos just for Haley who lives in Hawaii.  Until tomorrow!

Health Update
I’m going to keep at least a quick update at the bottom of my blogs to keep me accountable!  Saturday, I had no time for a run.  We just barely made it to rugby on time.  Sunday, I made sure to head out for a bit.  Managed 5.35 miles very slowly  (took me 1:03, that is 1 minute short of my last 10K!  I’ve gotten slow!).  My calf felt pretty bummy.  It was irritating me pretty well by mile 3.  I switched sides of the street which helped (since the street slopes off).  I also iced it last night which meant almost zero irritation today.  Today is a rest day for homework and to hopefully let the calf heal!



5 thoughts on “3 Years Today!

  1. Wow in that good dress you look like a completely different person! Congrats and thanks for the honor of being in your party, three years really (well he knew it would happen in the 8th grade)???? Glad you two are so happy!

  2. Another fun filled busy weekend for you guys! I get tired just reading about it!!! We were down your way for soccer, but you were at Rugby, so I didn’t even bother to let you know! Played “Atlantic United” club…game was actually in Galloway twp… (though their coach gave Egg Harbor City as the address…) They weren’t very nice… 🙁
    Now I”m totally in the mood for pumpkin…gonna go make something pumpkin-y for breakfast!!!

    1. Aw man! Too bad we weren’t playing home because our home field is right in Galloway!! Oh, I am thinking about crashing the Philly Marathon’s expo. What do you think? I just thought it would be a fun night on the town! No solid plans yet, just an idea!

      1. ooohhh! Yes! That would be fun! I’m actually hoping that there is someone in town that registered and can’t run it and I will be able to take their number! I think that’s why I keep running hard, in hopes to race it. I ran 12 on Sunday (my fastest 12 EVER – with my new running buddies)…keep me posted. It is a good expo… I’ll have to put in on my calendar so that I don’t make other plans!

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