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30 By 30 & The Basics of Weight Loss

I weighed in today and, while I’m not at my peak weight (not graphed), I am approximately the same weight as when I joined Spark People back in 2009.  The weight has crept back on slowly over the last 3 years:


I’m not surprised, I knew it was happening.  I haven’t been in a good place to stop it or get rid of it again but that is okay.  Is now the right time?  Who knows!  I didn’t know it was the right time when I lost it before.  I just did the right things and the weight came off.

Another thing that really helped was having a huge goal.  I was already motivated but needed an end point.  At the time, I had signed up for a 5K with a friend even though I had barely run a step since high school!  But I made the goal and I worked my butt off to complete it.  So this time around, I need another new goal, a big goal, something scary – just like the thought of running a 5K was to me before.

I had toyed with the idea of this goal in the past but it was too scary to do.  Then a friend said she was doing something similar and being the team player, friend-supporter that I am, I said why not? and set my goal:


When is my 30th birthday?  June 13, 2014 – 169 days from today.  That is:

  • 24 Weeks
  • 5 Months, 18 Days
  • 4056 Hours

What is 30 pounds by then?

  • 105,000 Calories Burned
  • 1.25 Pounds per Week
  • 183.5 Hours of Jogging

That is quite the lofty goal!  But like I said, I need something big, something daunting, something that scares me a little bit.  This intimidates and motivates me more than small goals set more often.

So how am I going to do it?  Well, just like I did before, but now that I have been successful before, I have a handful of guidelines I use that I consider my Basics of Weight Loss


Of course, all these statements are a little vague but that is because they can be different for everyone.  For me:

  • Exercise Often:  That will boil down to about 5 times a week at 30 minutes a pop for me.
  • Strength Train:  This one is self-explanatory but I felt the need to put it in there because a lot of people (women especially) forget to do this when they are trying to lose weight (burn fat!)
  • Eat Enough but Not Too Much:  That is about 1400-1600 calories per day for me, depending on daily activity levels.
  • Eat the Right Foods:  I will start with Clean Eating but I lean more toward a Paleo Diet style for health reasons.
  • Hydrate:  I’ll shoot for 8 glasses (64 ounces) of water each day.
  • Track Your Food and Activity:  I’ll be using MyFitnessPal and FitBit for this (I’m sugirl06 – add me!)
  • Reward Yourself with Non-Food Items:  Sometimes you need to pat yourself on the back for a job well done, but don’t do it with cookies or ice cream (that sounds messy too).
  • Make Goals:  I already covered my big goal but setting small weekly or monthly goals will help too.
  • Find Support:  I have a Clean Eating Challenge I am part of for the month of January.  I also have many health and fitness groups that I can go to for accountability.  I also have a few friends that I email regularly for support, and finally, I have my blog!

Those will be my basic rules to get me started.  Now, I just have to execute them!  I’ll be giving a little 30 By 30 update each week to stay accountable.  Hopefully this will be the goal I need right now to get me back on track!

What are your goals for 2014?

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