30-By-30 Week 10

30-By-30 Week 10

Weight:  179.6 lbs

While this is a 1 pound loss from last week, I’m not counting it until I see more come off (because I fluctuate between 179 and 181).

Nutrition:  Better

While I didn’t follow Super Shred exactly, it has really helped me create better, healthier habits.  My snacks are immensely healthier.  I’m eating more veggies and appropriate serving sizes.  I’m drinking more tea and water and less coffee.  All great things!


Fitness:  Non-existant

It was a very busy week and I never really worked out.  I did hit the gym last Friday but that was it.  I made an extra effort to walk more at school this week.  With the cold weather, I’ve been taking the bus a lot.  It was a bit warmer this week so when I could bare it, I walked instead!


Today’s blog is a short recap.  I really don’t have much to say.  I’m continuing using SSD as a guideline and hopefully next week will be easier to stick to the plan!

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  1. I’m sure that you’ll start to see good results as you continue with your healthier eating habits! Keep plugging along! You’ve totally got this!!!

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