30-By-30 Week 12


Weight – 178ish?
I forgot to weigh myself today but last time I checked, it was 178 point something which is slightly down.  Of course, I generally hover around 179-181 so we shall see if this sticks.  It could have just been because I was sick all last week.

This is actually one thing going really well!  Here is a sample:


Never perfect – there is free pizza and more ice cream that I probably should have, but overall, I think I’m doing an 80/20 split or better of healthy verses not-so-healthy calories.  I’m pretty happy with this week!

Fitness – Walking while Sick
Right now, walking is enough.  I have a cold/allergies/something right now so just walking around is a ton of effort and causes my heart rate to get up.  Yesterday, I had to take breaks on the landings getting my classroom on the 4th floor.

Things I Did Well

  1. Tracked my food on my new app (blog to come next week!).
  2. Exerted myself as much as I could.
  3. Remembered that it is okay to relax when sick.

Things To Work On

  1. Drink more water (always a problem for me!).
  2. Less ice cream.
  3. Think up some easy, quick meals for days I don’t want to cook.

3 thoughts on “30-By-30 Week 12

  1. great week!!! even though you were sick, you still do good with eats. Take it easy so you can get better. I have a few meals that are “go tos” for when I don’t have much time, they are life savers 🙂

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