30-By-30 Week 5

30-By-30 Week 5

I’ve decided to try to lose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday.  These are my progress updates.

Weight ???
I forgot to weigh in AGAIN!  I am 100% sure nothing has changed..

Nutrition – Eat all the things!
I tracked at least 95% of everything I ate this week and it was not good.


The red numbers are calories that were over my recommended range as calculated by FitBit.  I was so close to a green day on Sunday!

Fitness – Better but not great.

  • Friday – 7,536 Steps
  • Saturday – /
  • Sunday – /
  • Monday – 11,871 Steps
  • Tuesday – 8,753 Steps plus Crazy Eights at the gym
  • Wednesday – 9,417 Steps
  • Thursday – 9,968 steps

*I’ve decided to report my steps if they are over 7,500, as I see that as a successful, active day.

Sleep – Excellent
Like a baby and not too long either!  It is hard to sleep in when you have to be up by 5:30.

Mood – Stressed
It was just not my week at all.  I had a lot of work to do and nothing got done it seemed.  A lot of things kept going wrong also.  By Thursday night, I was ready for my week to be over!

This week just felt chaotic so I’m glad it is over.  I was doing really well with packing my food but crashing by the end of the day.  I need better coping/avoiding/distraction methods to deal with those moments.  It could also be that I am not used to the lower calorie range yet and instead of using willpower (because I’m all tapped out of it by the end of my school day), I am just giving in to hunger and cravings.

I also keep forgetting that I don’t have to kill myself to get to the gym on my school days.  An easy day like Wednesday with only one class and I managed almost 10,000 steps!  This makes me feel a little less pressure to go on school days but more pressure to make it on my days off.

Things I Did Well

  1. Tracked all my food.
  2. Drank lots of water.
  3. Found an easy, fast on-the-go breakfast.

Things to Work On

  1. Keep those calories lower.  I can have a treat but be reasonable about it!
  2. Go to the gym on my days off.
  3. Get up earlier or prep the night before.  My mornings were too rushed.

Don’t forget to check in with Kristen.  Her goal is to lose 30 pounds by her 29th birthday in July!

2 thoughts on “30-By-30 Week 5

  1. I have a hectic week too! Hoping next week it slows down and I get more sleep. Thats what I need to work on. Also, get that weight down! (ps I am SOOO glad we are doing this! You defiantly keep me accountable)

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