30-By-30 Week 6

30-By-30 Week 6




Weight_2014-02-07Blue line is recent weigh-ins
Red line is original goal line

Green line is a loss of 1.7lbs per week to reach my goal

As you can see, things really aren’t going well.  I have had a rough start to things but posting these weekly updates have been keeping me really accountable so I’m not quitting.  At this point, it will be really hard to hit the 30lbs lost mark but not impossible!

Nutrition – Eat all the things!
I tracked some things and not other days.  All days were bad.  I have been talking to close friends and we’ve boiled it down to stress, boredom, and habit which leads to my overeating.  I’m working on all of those things!

Fitness – All Over the Place 
I got some steps in on my days at school but have been taking the bus more due to the cold temperatures.  I still hover around 8,000 when I do that.  I’d like to hit 10,000 though.  I only hit the gym once this week for my lifting routine.  I blogged about this the other day but I haven’t had a good exercise routine to follow so I feel lost at the gym.  I now know what I want to do and can execute it.  I’ actually excited about it!

Sleep – Excellent 
I’ve even been waking up easier!

Mood – Stressed
The badness of last week seeped over into this week it seems.  The worst part is not being able to concentrate! 

It was another week that I could not wait for it to end.  At least I was hyper-aware this week of things going on with my health.  I’ve pretty much explained everything else above. 

Things I Did Well

  1. Made a new gym routine.
  2. Prepped lunch the night before.
  3. Got up earlier.

Things to Work On

  1. Reduce stress-eating.
  2. Hit the gym on the weekends.
  3. Relax!

Don’t forget to check in with Kristen.  Her goal is to lose 30 pounds by her 29th birthday in July!

2 thoughts on “30-By-30 Week 6

  1. Love that you are focusing on what worked and what you learned from the week to apply to next week! It’s not an exact science and sometimes little tweeks are necessary! Good for you for staying plugged into it and sticking too it! Rooting hard for you, girl!!!

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