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30-By-30 Week 7


Weight179.6 lbs Loss of 1.4lbs, Total Loss of 1.6lbs
I keep hovering around 180lbs so I’m always cautious to count something as a loss.  With how well this week went though, I’m going to say I definitely lost and its not just water or something!

– Sugar!
During that trip to the taffy store, I may have gotten some fudge,and that fudge may almost be gone.  So, I can’t have that stuff in the house (the taffy is still sitting around though).  Luckily I had some really stellar eating otherwise.  The 80/20 rule?  Monday, I was so full on my proteins and fats that I only ate like 1300 calories which is unheard of for me!  On Tuesday, I ate tons of carbs and felt starving all day and couldn’t stop eating.  It is just how my body works.

– Dance All Night


A pretty good week!  The dancing and staying up late Saturday and Sunday wore me down pretty bad so I took Tuesday and Wednesday off from the gym for fear of getting sick.  Thursday was a snow day so I went to Zumba because a friend was teaching.  You know you’re old when it takes you 4 days to recover from one night out!

Sleep –
Rock Solid
The hours I did get, I slept like a rock which hasn’t been the norm the past few months.  I think I’m finally getting this down!  The new, more efficient heating in the house might help too as I’m not waking up too cold or too hot.

Mood –
All over the place

Hormones.  I blame it on hormones.  And being tired and run down.  Let’s hope next week is more peppy and stable.

Summary –
A good week!
Even though I had too much sugar, I feel pretty good about this week and feel like the momentum will carry over into this week also.  I’m on a roll!

Things I Did Well

  1. Getting my fitness on!
  2. Figuring out carbs make me ravenous.
  3. Making a point to drink more water.

Things To Work On

  1. Keep getting my fitness on.
  2. Avoiding sugar.
  3. Getting to bed on time.

Don’t forget to check in with Kristen.  Her goal is to lose 30 pounds by her 29th birthday in July!

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