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31 Review & New Duffle Bags

31 Gifts is a collection of bags, totes, and organizing things that are sold via home and catalog shows.  My friend Lauren is an excellent consultant and I decided to host a catalog show since most of you don’t live near me.  I figured a review post would go along nicely with this!

I honestly thought when I first got some 31 bags that I would be done after that.  I had no idea how addictive they can be!  And wonderfully organized!  Here are just a couple of the ones I use regularly:


  • The Room For Two Utility Tote (top center back) I use for laundry.  It has a removable divider that I keep in to separate my work out clothes from regular clothes.  Basically, pre-sorted laundry!  And so much prettier than a plastic basket.
  • The Market Thermal Tote (left embroidered with “Nommies”) I use to bring food to and from my school apartment.  It keeps my food cold for the 2 hour drive and holds about a week’s worth of groceries for me!  I love that I can throw it over my shoulder with the straps unlike a regular cooler.
  • The Cindy Tote (left embroidered with “ALL”) I used for pretty much everything – school, meetings, running around town.  It looks professional enough for work but is still cute enough to carry around all day.  Enough space inside for a laptop and some notebooks too!
  • We’ll just skip that one on the lower right because I don’t see it on the website.  Oops, it must be discontinued!
  • Front and center is my Zipper Pouch with “Fit Chick” embroidered on it.  Since I have 2 apartments, I need to bring all my workout and running accessories wherever I go.  I keep all sorts of things in here and is the perfect size.  I also keep another one in my Cindy Tote to keep my stuff organized like pens, notepads, etc.


Above is my Super Organizing Utility Tote filled with my Zipper Pouch (white with flowers), Mini Zipper Pouch (owls), and my Fold-and-Go Organizer with Notepad.  All things I use to keep my school supplies in order!


On the left is my jewelry in the Timeless Beauty Bag.  I need some way to get my pretties from school and home again each week!  Another picture of my Zipper Tote.  When I first got a Zipper Tote, I had no idea what I would use it for, thinking “who needs this really?”  Well, now I have 3 and need more!  They can be used for anything and everything!  It might be my favorite 31 piece.

Now that you know what I use it for, I have to say 31’s products are excellent quality also.  I carry around a lot of heavy stuff, especially for school.  I have had bags rip on me from the weight, but I have not had a single thing happen to any of the 31 bags that I own.  Also, the embroidery is beautiful and makes everything a little bit more special.

Edit:  My catalog party is now closed.  Thank you to anyone who placed an order!

Also, if you’d like to host a catalog party with Lauren and enjoy some of the amazing perks like free products, discounted products, and the ability to order special Hostess Items, please let me know!

Have you purchased from 31 before?
What is your favorite 31 bag and what do you use it for?

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