4 Weeks of Routine

4 Weeks of Routine

Work has been crazy lately.  Last week wasn’t so bad but felt difficult for some reason.  The two weeks before though, I was working lots of extra hours and feeling really stressed out.  On the bright side, there are no clients at the office for the next 4 weeks and hopefully I can stick to a regular routine for a while.

I thought about making big, lofty goals for the next few weeks but I’m going to be honest instead.  I’m tired and stressed out.  I don’t need big goals to worry about.  I need small things to do to relieve some stress.  So instead of goals, what can I do to relax a bit?

1.  Get Enough Sleep
This has been a “goal” of mine for the past few weeks.  Sleep has been the number 1 priority.  I can feel it when I don’t sleep well (like today) and I can really tell when I slept great – you would think I’m bipolar, I’m so different when I’m rested.  I don’t get much time to myself in the evenings with an 8PM bed time, but at least I’m not cranky the next day.

2.  Got for Walks
The weather has been beautiful lately and I don’t to completely miss Fall like the way I feel I missed Summer.  Also, I’m not really feeling up to major workouts but I can go for a walk.  It is better than nothing and makes me feel better afterward.

3.  Track My Food
I’m not saying “stick to calorie goals” or “cut back on sweets”.  Just track what I eat, regardless of what it is.  I can do that much just to get back into the habit.

4.  Start Forming a Routine
I really, really want to use my fabulous gym but haven’t made it all month.  The problem is my routine.  I need to get into work earlier in order to make the time to go during the day.  Basically, I need to fix my routine so I have the time (and energy!) to go to the gym.  First things first.

5.  Do Fun Things
I really don’t do much for myself lately.  I like to crochet, take pictures, color, draw, go for bike rides, write my blog!  Have I been doing any of these things?  Not really, because of lack of time.  I have started taking the train to work in lieu of driving.  This gives me back a bit of time to myself (albeit in a limited way).  I need to start carving out time to do the things I enjoy, to relieve some of that stress.

That is basically everything I have been working on lately and plan to continue for the next few weeks.  I can’t predict my schedule but at least I can try to make it as normal as possible.  I don’t have the energy to track strict goals right now.  I know maybe that is holding me back, weight loss wise, but my overall health will benefit from a more relaxed approach for now.

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  1. I second these! Lately my husband has been working 20 hour days and that leaves me doing the same since I feel guilty if I’m being lazy while he’s hard at work. Sounds like you are in the same boat too. Your goals sound just perfect for these types of moments in our lives. 🙂 You can do it!

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