A Cupcake-Eating Running Elf

A Cupcake-Eating Running Elf

What a weekend already!  First, I had a girl’s night out with Lauren last night.  She invited me to an event called “Cupcakes and Cocktails”.  Basically it was a women’s expo where you get 1 free drink, free cupcakes, and there are vendors there to buy from. 


All of us who went forgot to bring cash.  Doh.  I did have enough to buy one cute thing but that’s it.  Bummer because I found a pair of discontinued earrings from Premiere Jewelry that match the necklace I was wearing!  Our favorite table was Lauren’s friend Jenna’s.  She makes headbands and “fascinators” for babies and adults!  Lauren looked cute in every one she put on.


It was a nice quiet night out!  And yes, I totally ate cupcakes and drank bad things.  Don’t be mad ok?  LoL.

This morning, I got up and decided it was time for my first run back.  I set my Garmin for 2 miles (I always set it for extra) and headed out in the chilly foggy morning.



I decided on a mile and then kept changing my mind between 1 mile or two.  Around .6 miles out I decided I should only do one just to be safe (and my ankle was “feeling funny” not hurt, just somethin’).  I had a great time running and can’t wait to go again!


20121130_081709After my run, I decided to make my smoothie for today’s Healthy Holidays Challenge.  Just a quick blend of 1 banana, water, ice, and Vega Vanilla Almondilla Smoothie powder.  I won this packet back in July from Colourful Palate’s smoothie challenge.  I had tried the Chocolate Nutritional Shake before and loved it.  Same verdict for this mix!  Again, the flavor is very powerful, really making a great tasting smoothie.  Two thumbs up!

Speaking of challenges… (is today’s blog jam packed or what?!), I joined another one!  I had been seeing the #elf4health floating around on twitter and facebook and had no idea what it was.  Finally, I stumbled onto the website and saw it was a challenge similar to my Healthy Holidays!  Only the girls running it are majorly awesome and you get paired with an accountability partner to email.  I signed up and will get a partner for round 2 starting December 9th.  For now, I can join in on the challenges on my own!  Fun!  Go to the website before December 7th to sign up also!

That’s it for now!  I have lunch with a good friend today and then I have to work work work.  Its almost the end of the semester!  Crunch time!

Are you joining in any challenges over the holiday season to keep you on track?

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