A Week at School

A Week at School

Phew what a week!  It is going to be really hard to keep up my blogging this semester.  I might have to switch to writing on the weekends instead!  This is basically the first time I’ve gotten to sit down at my computer all week since I don’t take it with me to school (too heavy).  Here is my schedule from this week (times are when I left and arrived home each day): 

Monday:  Holiday– Spent the day at the Renaissance Faire
Tuesday:  6:30AM – 7:30PM
Wednesday:  8:30AM – 10:30PM
Thursday:  10:00AM – 7:30PM

I am so happy I don’t have classes on Fridays because I am beat by the time it rolls around.  I even slept in until 9 today!  Wow!

So what the heck do I do all day at school?  First, I ride the train to campus.  It is such a hard commute…


Then I walk around a whole lot once I get to the city.


That is actually pretty bad since my foot still hurts.  Heels relieve the pain but then cause their own other pains!  I tried wearing sneakers yesterday and it didn’t go to well so I’m still in heels for the majority of the time.  Speaking of which, here are my outfits for the week (Sunday – Friday).


Can you tell which day I had to be in the hospital and look presentable?  LoL  And I don’t normally wear British Flag corsets; that was my costume for the Ren Faire (bought a matching skirt once inside but I think its cute with jeans!).

So anyway, once I hobble my way across campus, I have to go to presentations at the Hospital if there is one scheduled.  This is for learning purposes and seeing what happens in a real work environment.  This is one thing I love about the program – the real-life experience and learning.

Then of course, I have classes in various buildings. 


One class is in the hospital so I will always dress up on Wednesdays.  After that class, we have lab where we learn to contour (outline organs) on CT scans of people – this is so we can learn anatomy and recognizing it on scans.  Kind of like this:


I tend to have lots of downtime on campus too since I have to depend on train times.  This is usually spent studying and looks like this:


I also carry around the most massive bookbag you have ever seen.  I realized yesterday that I barely need anything for class, it is all the other “stuff” that I carry like tissues and meds (for my allergies which is what I’ve determined this “cold” is), my school supplies like pens and USB drives, my girlie stuff like chapstick and a mirror, and finally my food for the whole day – lunch and dinner.  I could use a much smaller bag if I carried my food in a lunch box instead but that’s another thing to carry.  But it would take some of the weight off my back!


And that is pretty much what I do all week!  I really should be working/studying now but I took the morning off to relax a bit.  I do have lots of stuff I have to get done today though and another textbook is coming in the mail this afternoon that I have to start reading ASAP.  Never a moments rest!

What are your plans for the weekend?

I might go to the gym today with Rob.  I am still stuffy and coughing but I am getting restless.  I’m not contagious but I’m afraid the gym people will frown on me being there hacking up a lung.  I’ll make sure to sanitize everything!  Saturday is a day to clean the house and Sunday, I have tickets for the Phillies.  Oh, and there is homework to do at some point too!

3 thoughts on “A Week at School

  1. What a busy week! I know that I have days/weeks where I just can’t catch up, but you are doing so well of keeping things in order! I Hope your foot feels better soon! I know Andrew’s allergies have got worse this month, love the ragweed in st louis 🙁

  2. Whew! That is busy…good thing you are young and energetic! I know that you will be successful at juggling and getting everything done…you know what they say, the busy folks are the ones that get the most done and are the most organized! You certainly have that going for you!

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