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Adjusting My Workouts

After listening to the comments on my last post, you ladies are right!  It is not worth the stress of trying to make up every single workout.  I do need to do better about following or adjusting the schedule though to make sure I’m not slacking off.  Here is my success calendar so far, with missed workouts omitted.


I calculated the workout (WO) percentage out of 7 workouts per week even though the Stretch DVD is considered optional.

In the last week, I’ve only done 2 workouts (Friday to Thursday).  That is where I get worried.  I just need to do better on the weekends and busy days from here on out!  If I miss too many during the week, I will try to make one or two up on the weekend.  Sunday will continue to always be a rest/stretch/yoga day though so I always have one easy day per week for recovery.

For example, this week, I missed Total Body on Monday and today was supposed to be Cardio (but I did yesterday’s Lower Focus).  Tomorrow, I will only have time for 1 morning workout most likely, so I’ll need to exercise on Saturday.  The plan will be to do Cardio tomorrow and Total Body + Ab Intervals on Saturday.  Really, I just “shifted” my workouts over 1 day.  Sunday will be a long day of travel so doing the Stretch DVD will be great!

Having this plan makes me feel a lot better.  It is about living your life and making this all part of a lifestyle, not just about the program.  Adjusting the program to work better around my schedule is what it is about! 

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