Another Muddy Weekend

Another Muddy Weekend

Happy Tuesday!  I was just a little worker-bee yesterday, I didn’t want to stop to write a blog.  It was another whirlwind weekend.  Saturday, we shot another Mud Run and I just loved the obstacle I had!  I think the angles were just great for photos and it was the last one right before the finish line so most people were so happy to be done!


The women in the race seemed to be having the most fun.  I think they were just taking it less serious than the men, out to have fun rather than to actually race.  If you want to check out more of the photos that Rob and I (and the rest of the photographers) took, check them out at MuddyPhotos-New Windsor 2013.  Each group is credited to the photographer so you can see which ones we took!

Sunday was spent really just putzing around the house.  We are still unpacking but feeling stuck.  The problem is not actually getting around to it but the fact that there is minimal storage for all the things we have.  We’re slowly dealing with it all though.  It just can’t be done all at one time and without some creativity on my part.

That’s pretty much everything!  I’ve got no exciting new fitness and health updates.  Right now, everything else is so overwhelming, I’m just trying to take it day by day.  I’m bummed because its supposed to rain here all week which means no trail running.  Also, Rob will be too busy so I would have to go it alone.  I can do that though its not as much fun.  Gotta make it happen though!  It’s the only way to be healthy!


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