Atlantic City Restaurant Week 2014

Atlantic City Restaurant Week 2014

Last week was Atlantic City Restaurant Week!  I didn’t find out about it until the very last minute and I hurried to figure out my dining schedule on my limited budget.  It was about $15 for lunch and $34 for dinner per person.  I also make sure I go to restaurants that are “worth it”.  That is, that I get the most bang for my buck (basically, I go to all the fancy places, ha!).  Since I was limited on scheduling this year, I made sure to hit my favorites.

It started off with an impromptu date night with Rob on Wednesday to Steve & Cookie’s By the Bay in Margate, NJ.  It is one of my favorite restaurants ever since trying it a few years ago for my mom’s birthday.  I can’t tell if they change the menu each year for restaurant week because I always order the same things: Lobster Mac’n’Cheese, the Stuffed Pork Chop, and Brownie Pie.  The perfect Steve & Cookie’s meal.

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Since I don’t have classes on Fridays, I scheduled lunch at the Atlantic City Country Club with Lauren and Miles (her cute baby boy!).  It is relatively close to her house and since she has the baby, it would be easiest.  The food this year was pretty good but not amazing.  I remember it being better last year.  Shrimp & Crawfish Gumbo, Chicken Pot Pie, Lemon Bavarian.


Friday night, I had another Restaurant Week meet up with my sister for dinner at the Ram’s Head Inn.  We always make a point to go here as it is our favorite (and where I got married!) but waited since we forgot, we waited until last minute for reservations.  They set up a table in the “Tavern” (bar) area for us so we could still come though I’m sure we could have eaten at the bar too.  Pretty nice of them!  I have to say, the food may be fantastic, the combination with the amazing service is what keeps me coming back.

2014-03-07 18.36.04Live music in the bar area – can’t get that in the dining room!

For dinner: Lobster Bisque, Lamb Chops, and Tiramisu (and they serve popovers instead of bread).


Another cool thing is that the Ram’s Head is extending their restaurant week menu for another week!  My sister and I are planning on going for lunch on Thursday and bringing Rob along too.  Next year, we’ll be better at planning ahead and actually checking the dates of restaurant week ahead of time (and making reservations!).

Do you have a favorite restaurant for special occasions?

Rob and I also love going to Mia at Caesar’s Hotel & Casino.  We went once and it was expensive and amazing.  They were on restaurant week but we didn’t get a chance to go.  Next year!

Health & Fitness

As you can see, I did not follow my strict eating plan this week.  I stuck to it for the most part outside of these meals.  Saturday night though, I must have eaten something bad and I was sick all night.  Rob has a sinus infection or allergies (or both) so we are both a mess.  I am working on eating real foods again.  The plan is to pick up the Super Shred Diet (SSD) again from Week 1 as soon as I can eat normal again (probably tomorrow).  I can say that only following SSD for the most part the first week lead me to eat more veggies in a week than I probably had eaten in the last 3 weeks combined.  The goal is for better habits and eventual weight loss so I’ll call that a success!  But I’m still starting Week 1 over again for good measure.

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