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August 2013 Goals

Wow, July was quite the month for me!  I was starting to get back into a better routine fitness-wise and it really amped up when I joined the gym on the 10th.


Not bad if you were to compare it to the few previous months (trust me, its not pretty).

I did start slacking off more and more with my eating (like I talked about in Gluten Hangover) and this month hasn’t started much better but it’s my mission for the upcoming weeks!

This month is going to be a bit of a mish mosh and very hectic.  There are lots of family events and school starting the last week of August.  I am going to give myself some goals for this month though because I think I’m finally ready again for them.  Why not try it?


Goal #1 Exercise 5 Times Per Week
This one is self-explanatory.  I want to make sure I’m using my gym membership so I need to sweat it up at least 5 times per week.  (Besides, I always want to lose weight and become a sexy (sexier?) beast!)

Goal #2 Track Non-Paleo Foods
I really hate tracking my food so this serves two purposes.  First, non-Paleo foods that I eat are often high in calories so I will have to “face the music” so to speak.  Second, it is torture to me to track so maybe I’ll avoid anything I would have to do that for.

Goal #3 The Colourful Smoothie Challenge
I want to try to drink smoothies for the challenge as often as possible.  I don’t think every day will happen but at least a few times per week!

Goal #4 Go to the Beach
I’ve had a really stressful summer and hardly any relaxation time.  And did you know that I live 10 minutes from the beach and haven’t gone yet this year?  I need to schedule that in.

Goal #5 6000 Steps Per Day
I am a lazy bum on days that I don’t go to the gym.  I still need to work on getting more steps when I’m at home.

And that’s it for the month!  I said I was keeping it simple, right?  Nothing to really track or measure.  Just simple things to keep my healthy lifestyle going!

What are your goals for August?

1 comment to August 2013 Goals

  • Nice, well-rounded goals!! Mine are work-related, budget-related, and dietary: nix chocolate. I’ve been weaning off and want to really get it out for a while, just to break my habit. And to keep having FUN for the remainder of summer!

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