August: Eating Healthy and Running

Every few months or so, I make goals for the month when I need to work on something.  I skip a month here or there but I’m usually pretty consisten about making them.  Last month’s goals?  Out the window.  With some rough times at the beginning of the month, I wasn’t really in them mindset to be worrying about being so detail orientented.  I didn’t completely give up on myself though.  That is the point of the goals in the first place!  To try to do better!

So here are my goals for this month!

Goal 1:  Stay within my calorie ranges 15 days this month
All of my goals are multi-purposed.  This one particularly will make me track my food and it will make me conscious of what I am eating.  If I want to stay in my ranges, I can’t go pigging out on burgers and ice cream all day! 
Goal 2:  Work out 4 times per week.
I think that is a pretty reasonable workout schedule.  I can do 4 days a week without feeling overwhelmed and while making time for random things that pop up.  I can do this one!
Goal 3:  Run 40 Miles
If I’m working out 4 times per week, I should be running at least twice per week, one of which is my long run.  With an 11 miler and a 10 miler this month, This should be cake.
Goal 4:  Have 15 spend free days
This always helps the budget.  My pie chart was insane last month:
Look at that eating out!  Of course, that had something to do with the beginning of the month when I had a lot of time off.  No excuse but still.  Its been hard to getting around to cooking lately.  I must get back into the kitchen.  Oh, and notice that coffee has a pretty big slice there?  By having “spend free” days, I won’t want to waste it by buying a $1 cup of coffee.  Of course, paying for things like groceries and fuel don’t count.  No spending on unneccesary items!
Additionally, can you see how these goals will work together?  Since I want to have spend free days, I won’t be eating out as much meaning I will probably have an easier time stay in my calorie ranges.  Also, if I’m not spending money, that means I’m not going out, being “busy” and not hitting the gym.  Originally, my first goal was a calorie differential goal which again worked with the working out but I didn’t want too much thinking on my goals this month so it changed to calories.  Anyway, this month is about eating healthy foods (stay in range, cook more often) and getting back on the running track!
PS.  I said I did terrible on July’s goals which I sort of did but I stuck to one goal 100%.  I track every penny I spent this month (and got that cool chart above).  I downloaded an app to my phone that is exactly like how I track on a spreadsheet on my computer.  I am able to export the data too.  It is called Money Wise and I would not have been able to do this goal without it!  Love having it!

One thought on “August: Eating Healthy and Running

  1. you and your charts! haha love it!
    Your goals for august are perfect and a great reminder to me that I need to make some. I always do some much better with goals! thanks!

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