Babies Babies Everywhere

Babies Babies Everywhere

We have more chicks!  That’s right, our mama hens are hatching their own eggs.  They all just want to be mommies!  The first hen didn’t do very well and only got 1 chick out of the whole batch and it is doing great:

It already has lots of feathers!  The latest mama hen has 4 chicks already and she is still sitting on her eggs a bit!  We’ll see now because she might be done with the eggs.  She is such a better mommy already too.  The other hen was very hazardous, accidently kicking the baby and stuff.  This hen is much more gentle.

They are just so much fun to watch too.  I love how the hens just sit there while the chicks run in and out of their feathers.  See the little legs under the red hen in the above picture?  The little puff of white peaking out?  So adorable!!!  Anyway, I will let you know if we get any more.  I love letting the hens hatch their own eggs!  Of course, I can’t even tell you how many chickens we have now because I lost count.  Oy, maybe we need to stop having baby chicks!

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