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Babies & Bachelorettes

I feel like this weekend was almost a “last fling” with non-Paleo foods (this is excluding Christmas of course and Lauren’s wedding on New Year’s Eve too).  I just made sure to enjoy myself in moderation! 

First up was my cousin’s baby shower on Friday night.  It is her second baby – the first was a boy and this is a girl so we were to bring cute clothes and girlie accessories.  The party was absolutely amazing!


She looked so lovely, the glowing mother!  She got a lot of super cute clothes and we all made hair clips and headbands to really bring up the girlie factor.


It really was a nice little party and it was great getting to see her.  She travels a lot with her family so she isn’t always around!

Saturday night was Lauren’s Bachelorette Party!  It started around 6 and I got home around 1 in the morning.  Her bridesmaids did an amazing job, adding such cute touches like survival kits, an Instagram scavenger hunt, risqué scratch-offs, etc.  They even set up a hashtag for Instagram so we could all follow the pictures (#lfdimplesbachparty)!  I had a great time!


Even though we live right down the road from Atlantic City, that isn’t her thing so we headed out to the local town for a bar crawl.  Definitely a good choice!  She got to run into friends by the end of the night too!


The fun didn’t end there!  The next day, some of us met up at a local resort for their Sunday Champagne Brunch.  It is a favorite place of hers!  (And mine and everyone else, lol)


It was a really great weekend!  I definitely wouldn’t have changed a thing!  Now that all the fun was recapped, we’ll talk about the nitty-gritty health stuff tomorrow.  Good night!

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