Barbell Power Set

Barbell Power Set

Good morning!  I wrote last night, in case you missed it.  Just a quick blog today before I have to get ready for school.  I promised I would provide a workout from my trip to the gym last week and here it is! 


I modified it a bit because it was too easy at the time.  You can try it the first time with just a barbell.  I used a 35lb barbell the first time and the last few sets were too easy so I suggested to add 5lbs each set.  Enjoy!

Please make sure you are using proper form for all these moves, as they can be tricky.  Watch some Youtube Videos and practice with the empty bar until you have it down.  Be safe!

I donโ€™t have time for much else today.  I have to go pack my lunch and catch the train!!

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