Big Girl Lifts

Big Girl Lifts

Quick weekend update – There was rugby, errands, and cooking.  That pretty much sums up every weekend between now and Thanksgiving!  LoL.  Seriously, there wasn’t much to tell so we’ll talk about my workout on Friday, which was the only one of the week, womp womp.  At least I still get my steps in when I go to class!


My foot wasn’t be affected by weight lifting anymore (I had tried it last weekend) so I decided to do my big lifts – Deadlift, Squat, and Bench Press.  (Some people also add Overhead Press but I find it awkward and feel susceptible to injury.)  I got to work on my deadlifts first and ended up with a PR!


I went from 1 rep of 140lbs to 4 reps of 155lbs!  Woohoo!  I don’t know if I was just “fresh” or if all that walking around with a heavy bookbag has been helping but I have no other reason to have such a great increase.  I’ll take it!

My squats were pretty much shot after that because my lower back was tired (please ignore the “full squat” move as I tracked it wrong the first time and it won’t let me delete that).  So I maxed at 1 crappy rep at 135lbs.  Not great for me.  I’ll just have to do squats and deadlifts on different days.

Then I had Rob spot me on bench press because I am so weak there.  The last reps for the 65lbs was a major struggle but I got it done! 

I don’t have a real workout plan.  It is basically “go the gym when I have time and energy” and that’s it.  I really need to get on a better schedule but its not going to happen any time soon – next week, I have be on campus every day by 6AM which means I’ll be taking the 4:57 train!  Eek! 

And with that, I’m off to do some homework.  Wanted to just post something since I’ve been MIA lately.  Doing what I can!

2 thoughts on “Big Girl Lifts

  1. Nice! I’m thinking of trying some bench press…now that I’m in the DL for any leg work, may as well jack up my upper body, right!?! Between upper body and abs, I’ll be all set when my hammy heals!

  2. goodness! 4;57!!! Definitely take it easy, I know you have a crazy schedule. Maybe just focus on your eats? or do squats between chapters that you read for school? it will be a break, and you get your muscles moving… just a thought! hope you had a good weekend

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