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Big Plans for January

I’ve got big things planned for 2013.  Huge.  Its going to be the best year yet!  If I can get my act together…  I’m not going to wake up January 1st and suddenly be motivated and excited for all my big plans.  No, I have to start working on them now.

Big Plan #1:  1000 Miles
Debra’s Leap Into Fitness 1000 Miles in 2013 challenge.  She’s a crazy one but I’ll give it a go.  Any miles count: running, walking, biking, elliptical.  Hey, does rowing count?  LoL.  This isn’t really a priority of mine but I will track and see how it goes.  I may do a spin off on my Facebook team to see how many miles as a group we can get in a month.

Big Plan #2:  Running Escapades’ Chilly Challenge 2013
These ladies set up some mileage teams also with prizes!  I’ve joined Team Running Escapades and will be logging my miles for them.  This spins off to my other goal: Get back into running.  Hopefully this will provide the motivation!

Big Plan #3:  Whole30
As you guys know, I’ve been reading It Starts With Food and I absolutely love it (almost done for a review!).  I want to commit to the Whole30 challenge for the month of January.  That is basically a strict Paleo Diet for 30 Days – no grains, dairy, legumes, or sugar.  I’m not a 100% kind of gal when it comes to foods.  I’m an “everything in moderation” type eater.  But that hasn’t been working for me lately so maybe I need to go against the grain (no pun intended!) and be strict for just 1 month to see how it goes.  I have to be honest, I’m dreading this.  And its poor Rob’s birthday and I won’t even be able to share a glass of wine with him!  But I think I have to try it.  I will take as many friends who are willing to do it with me.  I’ve already got a few people on board but with how strict this diet is, I have a feeling not everyone will be left at the end.  Maybe together though, we can all get through it?!

Small Plans:

Elf4Health goes until January 5th so I’ll still be participating for the first few days of 2013.

Photography is also something I want to work on.  My friend Esther just got the same camera as me and I want to join her in taking lots and lots of photos.  Just post 1 picture a day.  This could be tricky as I might just forget about it with all the other things going on.

Organization will be a huge thing in 2013.  Things are really going to amp up with school and I have to be prepared to stay healthy.  I’ll need to learn to batch cook and be better prepared.  This is on top of doing the Whole30 (i.e. batch cook a Whole30 approved meal!).

So I need to start getting ready for all of this stuff now.  I need to get on a regular workout schedule.  I need to start eating closer to 90% Paleo and prep my pantry for January.  I need to stick with my own Healthy Holidays Challenge and the Elf4Health Challenge.  I basically just need to get my act together!

Good news is that my last final is tomorrow.  Bad news is that then I have to do research (for breaks for grad students!).  We do get 1 week off for Christmas though which will be spent prepping my life for the oncoming year.  There are other crazy things going on which will take up a ton of time also (school).  I just have to be ready!  I know what is coming so there is no reason to be caught off guard.

I’m so ready for 2013!!!

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