Blogging Limbo

Blogging Limbo

I’m back from vacation!  Well, not really.  The last few days, I took sort of a personal vacation from life.  I stayed home a lot, I cleaned the house, I studied or not, I hung out with Rob, I skipped the gym, and I obviously ignored my blog.  And it was just what I needed.

Here are some tidbits from the last week or so.

20131102_182504Attempting homework (with cute interruptions)

Saw a lot of this guy the last few days!

Inherited a bar from a friend.  Why not?

I stopped stressing over trying to do everything and instead just did what I wanted, at my own pace, on my own time.  There wasn’t any exercise.  I didn’t worry about tracking, checking macros, or eating 100% healthy/Paleo/anything.  I just went along with life and it was wonderful.

I think my blog is in a bit of a transition time.  I feel lost for topics because pretty much every week is the same old same old.  I have some good topics lined up but they are ones that require research and time (something I have little of right now).  There are some blogger fall-backs that I just don’t want to do:

  • Daily Food Blogs – This makes me stress out over what I’m eating.
  • Weekly Exercise Posts – Uh, this just isn’t happening!
  • Daily “What I did today” Posts – Trust me, it’s boring and just looks like this:


So, I’m in limbo and my posts might not be very frequent lately.  I’ll work on taking more pictures of interesting things and use those as a baseline for posts but I’m not making any promises!  And hopefully I can work on those really good posts that I have lined up in my back-log!

Do you struggle to come up with writing topics for your blog?
Do you have any back-up plans for slow times?

6 thoughts on “Blogging Limbo

  1. Haha, the exercise post isn’t ever happening! You’re cute!

    I try to schedule posts ahead of time…and if I don’t have time…then it doesn’t happen. I just don’t stress about it…

    1. Okay so your comment got me thinking about the exercise posts and maybe I can do an activity post instead? A recap of my FitBit stats? I feel like an impostor though because I don’t *try* to get those steps, they just happen. But maybe reporting them will make me work to get more on my days off? Hm…

  2. Here’s the thing: if you set up your blog to be about Film but you decide sitting in a dark room for hours and hours, watching film is boring and you don’t want to think about it, let alone talk about it or WRITE about it? You may want to change the theme of your blog.

    I’ve blogged since the mid90s. My blog NOW isn’t a good example btw…

    Most of my blogs had particular themes and I don’t mean what they looked like. I mean they were there to do X. I’ve done meditation, advice, tarot and astrology, humour, fiction, photography (and I mean only photos), etc. Usually, they were set up to do a particular project. I’ve also had ‘personality’ blogs (again, my current doesn’t fit this). They were me being me, thinking ‘publicly’ about whatever was going on or sharing personal stories (names changed to protect the guilty). I had a lot of fun with those!

    Now: the current one has MY NAME on it. I can’t be quite as candid. I swear much less there than I do in reality. It’s really me but it’s the things that I don’t mind if a future employer sees. I don’t think it’ll help me get employment but it’s just my little corner of the net. I don’t have as large of a following as I did with my ‘personality’ blogs (which were not only ‘real me’ but perhaps even a bit ‘more’ me — meaning, ya know, I was riffing, going for it, being me times three).

    What do I do when I’m not feeling it *now?* You’ll notice I don’t post every day. Other days, I post multiple things. I can’t say that I’m ‘proud’ of my current blog but I have to have an outlet, whether I’m writing a novel, screenplay or painting for a project. It’s easy. I toss out whatever.

    Since it’s non-commercial, there’s no stress.

    I think if a blog is commercial, well…I don’t get to not go into work because I don’t feel like it!

  3. I definitely have trouble with blog topics. but then I think its my blog I can put whatever I want up there, and I kindof treat it like a journal of daily happenings between me and Andrew 🙂

    1. I know, I love hearing what you guys are up to! I do more interesting stuff on the weekends but the weekdays are just 1) Ride train, 2) Study, 3) Go to Class, 4) Ride train home. I’ll work on it though 😉

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