Bobsled in Pictures

Bobsled in Pictures

I remembered a camera!  Day 2 of bobsledding was pretty much like the first.  We rode down 6 times as Ida learned the ropes.  Before sliding, you have to walk the track to learn it and think of a driving strategy.  You have to wear spikes so you don’t slip of course. 



I also asked one of the guys to take some pictures while we were sledding.  Some came out blurry but still cute!


We were being pushed off because 1) I don’t know how to do that and 2) Ida is still training to drive so this makes us nice and slow.  So far, I have 2 bruises.  If I put my leg one way in the sled, I get a bruise on my leg but my butt stays still.  If I move my leg to avoid the gigantic bruise, my butt bounces around between 2 bolts on either side of me.  My dilemma today will be deciding whether I want butt or leg bruises.  LoL! 

So the bobsled ride is kind of like a wooden rollercoaster.  Lots of jostling from the imperfections in the ice.  Now and then its like a bumper car when you bump the side of the track (just as hard of a bump as those old fashioned metal bumper cars!).  Yesterday, we had a great slide where we didn’t had a hard hit at all and Ida had her fastest time so far!  Woohoo!  Today, we are just doing the same thing as the last few days.

I’ve got to be off, lots of research/school work to do before lunch and then more sledding!

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