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Book Review: This is Why You’re Fat by Jackie Warner

jackie-warner-this-is-why-youre-fatThis is the second time I have read this book all the way through and I still love it!  Now, I know a lot of people are sensitive to book titles and this one is the worst (seriously, do you want to carry this around and read it in public?) but please forgive this book for the crappy title!  It is totally worth reading.

The main theme running through this book is about balancing hormones in your body and how they affect your health (and obviously your weight).  She also discusses the effect of sugar on your body (and your hormones) and why you should avoid it.  There is also a section on the health of your organs and how they effect your weight and health.  Some really interesting stuff and I’m sure she’s got research to back it up but I didn’t check it personally.  Anyway, all of this hormone and sugar talk is a basis for her training and meal plan, which is what this book is really about.

The Plan
The plan in this book is intended to be a lifestyle change and not a diet.  That is, it is meant to be permanent.  It isn’t a quick fix though it will help you lose weight.  It is supposed to be a sustainable plan for permanent weight loss and life long health.  She emphasizes strength training with moderately heavy weights and intense cardio to maximize benefits in less time.  Of course, the book has a complete workout plan with different variations to keep your workout schedule alive and fresh (and efficient so you don’t plateau). 

I find the meal plan very interesting.  The best part is that she gives you a 2 week transition plan to help you go from eating bad foods to eating healthy foods all the time.  She gives you a list of foods you have to add into your diet every day.  After that, she lays out guidelines for her meal plan along with a 30 day sample meal plan and some recipes!  Also, the meal plan emphasizes a higher protein intake (that is when I started cutting back on my grain-carbs) to increase weight loss and increase muscle mass.

This book is written so that it is geared toward the beginner but it can benefit anyone who wants to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, either through diet or fitness.  I read it when I had reached my goal weight of 140lbs and found inspiration to become even healthier.  This time, I read it because I gained and needed a reminder of how I was successful before and how to be successful again.  Additionally, her soft yet stern style of writing makes you feel like she is a friend looking out for your health but who isn’t going to listen to your excuses.  Her plans sound more like solid advice than demands.

Overall, I don’t think there is anything in this book that I don’t agree with. Her workouts are excellent and will help keep things interesting. Her structure is doable for any routine. I have actually followed her meal plan and seen success, not so much in weight loss (I followed it most strictly when I was in maintenance) but in my energy levels. Eating the way she suggests sent my energy through the roof and I have never gone back to my higher level of grains over protein.  I really think that anyone interested in learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for their life would benefit from this book!

4 comments to Book Review: This is Why You’re Fat by Jackie Warner

  • kristen @ livinlifeinlouie

    sounds like a great book! I know I need a push in the right direction, maybe my next read from the library?!?! thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Tiffany

    I will look for that at the library next time, too…
    I just noticed your workout and race schedule on the side bar! How cool!
    Have a great day!

    • Yeah I just signed up for Daily Mile because I liked the widgets and I wanted a new place to track mileage on my sneakers (and total mileage too!). Its a fun site and you can import your Garmin data!

  • […] this is the perfect time!  I tried yesterday doing the strength training from JW’s book This is Why You’re Fat but I just don’t self motivate enough for that.  I decided I needed to do my DVDs instead […]

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