Brides, Birthdays, and Beasts

Brides, Birthdays, and Beasts

Phew what a weekend!!  Friday was pretty low key.  I just went to get my hair trimmed and spent the day doing school work while Rob was at work.  Saturday was much more busy as Rob had a haircut and then we went to my Aunt’s wedding!

It was a small family wedding and she is going to through a big party in the summer.  I am just so happy for her!  She had known her new hubs for… forever and they are just getting together.  Everything was lovely and she looked beautiful!  So glad I could share the day with her.  She didn’t have a photographer but lots of people brought their cameras.  I got some of the usual family shots but wanted to get more specials ones and these are my favorite (untouched, I will touch them up before passing them along to her!)


It was a nice little wedding and then the dinner.  We had fun chatting with my cousins that we don’t see often.  We are a bit of rowdy family so its always interesting when we all get together!  Everyone went back to my grandmother’s house afterwards but Rob and I were super tired and decided to head home.  We wanted some alone time since we hardly get to see each other.  We snapped a picture of us together before heading out though!


Saturday, we spent the day working on schoolwork and cleaning the house.  We had my nieces’ birthday party though and stopped by for about an hour before running back home for me to prep for my week.  They turned 5 and 6.  They have the same birthday (February 15) just like my sister and I do (June 13).  How funny!



So as you can see, it was quite the weekend.  I have to admit, I ate terribly.  My entire Saturday surrounded wheat products: bagels at breakfast, pasta at the wedding, pizza for dinner.  Ok, so we didn’t plan ahead at all.  Funny thing is that I didn’t have any major reactions to anything.  SO STRANGE.  Sometimes I think it is not the wheat but other things in it (like for example Pizza Hut pizza kills me with all the grease).  Either way, its time to get back to normal.  Breakfast had bread but lunch #1 is packed and lunch #2 will be a salad.  Dinner can easily be prepped with what I have at home.


This week starts Phase 2 of Body Beast!!  We didn’t exactly follow Phase 1 but that is life.  Here is what Phase 2 looks like for the next 5 weeks:


Thursday for Body Beast is supposed to be Beast Cardio but since it bothers my ankle, I will use it as a run day instead.  I am going to have to be really good about not skipping days for the next few weeks because I don’t want to move my rest day!  I am really excited about this phase because it is the Bulk phase where you really build muscle.  Phase 3 is when you lean out and reveal all your hard work!

So, this week is going to be tricky though as my friend is staying with me. She goes to my school but does her research from afar. When she comes to campus, I let her sleep on my couch. It is midterms also so that might throw a wrench in my plans.  I can tell you the first thing that will give is cooking.  If I don’t have time to prep, I’m not going to stress but make sure I eat as healthy as I can.

Oh and I said Friday I would photograph my food right? Well, my SD is going bad or something so that didn’t work. I’ll figure it out and get back to it!  Ok this is becoming the longest blog ever so I better wrap it up.  Off to start my crazy week!! 

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