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Mondays generally feel higher on the cardio than anything else but I guess Jose has to keep us guessing because this week had a lot of strength stuff.

It was really cold out so there was no running outside.  I rode the stationary bike while we waited for people to arrive.

Warm Up

  • Lunges (forward, reverse, side, curtsey), 20 Yards
  • Shuffling with Sprints, 40 Yards
  • Backpedal and Sprawls, Every 5 Yards, 40 Yards
  • High Knees, 20 Yards
  • Butt Kicks, 20  Yards
  • Karaoke Steps, 40 Yards
  • Bear Crawls, 40 Yards


Circuits, 3-Minute Rounds, 2 Rounds Total

  • 20 Yard Sled Push (with 25lb plate) followed by ten 10lb Ball Slams
  • With a 10lb Medicine Ball – 10 wall balls, 10 side wall balls each side, 10 pushups, sprint 20 yards
  • 10 Around-the-World with Keg each side, 10 Keg Burpees with Clean and Press
  • With Landmine Barbell and 10lb plate – 10 Squats, 10 Overhead Press, 10 Single Arm Press, 10 Reverse Lunges

Cooldown: 100 Crunches

I actually really like the landmine barbell.  It is hard but makes me feel strong and powerful, especially the single arm presses.  Bear Crawls make me feel weak and pathetic (hey, it’s the truth).  They will get easier eventually but it doesn’t mean I will ever like them!  Haha.  I also liked the keg stuff, even if my arms were burning.

I haven’t decided if I am working out today or not.  My right elbow and shoulder hurt today, probably from the presses.  Right now I am just freezing my butt off in the living room, trying to keep warm.  I feel like I need to start adding exercise in between Bullpen days, but it has to be on the easier side.  Maybe some yoga or running.  I would like to add more weight lifting to my routine but it is hard to determine when to do it, with never knowing what we will do at Bullpen.  My one idea was to do it right after Bullpen, so I can adopt my training to what we did that day.  I feel like I need to do more lifting to increase my strength gains.  But rest and recovery is also important for training too.  I’ll figure something out!

Off to get things done today!  Even if its just sitting around, reading

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