Busy Limping Bee

Busy Limping Bee

Woah, I haven’t posted a blog since Monday!  I honestly tried to on Wednesday but the words just weren’t flowing like I wanted them to.  Anyway, its been a busy week and I guess I’ll just babble along like usual!


Monday and Tuesday, I hit the weight room instead of my normal gym classes in order to start on Body Beast.  It was fun but I was overestimated leg day and I’m still limping around.  It is more than just DOMS and more like pain.  Not good.  So I’m taking it way easy today in hopes that I can walk normal by tomorrow!  The limping is even starting to make my poor ankle hurt a little (more like tendons hurting and not the bone like before at least).  I’ll restart Body Beast again on Monday but maybe use less weight this time!



Tuesday night after the gym, Rob wanted to see what was going on at National Night Out.  We ran a little late (had to eat after working out) but got to see what was happening.  There was a band playing, some vendors set up, and the firemen verses police officers softball game.  We also checked out the fire trucks and watched some of the police dog demonstration.  We even ran into the trainers from our gym with their TRX system set up!



I spent most of Wednesday getting ready to head to my college where I’m graduating.  I had to hand some stuff in like paperwork and computers.  That night though, I had plans with the girls!  It was Stitch & Pitch night at the Phillies game which basically means you bring your needlework to do during the game for a discounted ticket.  It ended up being my mother-in-law, my mom, my sister, and me who went.  I have to say though, its hard to watch baseball if you aren’t very good at needlework and have to constantly look down!  LoL!


It was so much fun though and I can’t wait to go again!



Thursday, I had to run down to my campus like I said and it turned out my sister had to go to Delaware too.  She was right on my way so we carpooled since it made more sense.  I would have to wait around a bit for her but that is ok because I took my scarf that I hard started at the game the night before and camped out at Starbucks.

I managed to basically get everything done that I needed to that day!  Awesome!  It is only a few weeks before I start at my new school so there is some work I need to wrap up before then and go back again in about 2 weeks.

It was another late night for me and I was exhausted by the time I hit the bed!

Plans for the Weekend

This weekend is the 4H fair which we go to every year.  You guys know we live on a farm so seeing the animals and tractors is fun for us.  It is definitely way smaller than when I was a kid because the area we live in is more like suburbia now than farmland.  I’m just glad its still popular enough for them to continue!

I also want to tackle the house this weekend.  We still have some lingering boxes from when I moved home in May that need to be put away or unpacked.  I want this place spotless before school starts when I’m too busy for anything like cleaning.

Now, its off to the grocery store because my husband drank all the creamer and I don’t enjoy my mornings without my coffee.  I guess I’ll just have to hit Starbucks on the way?

What are you plans for this weekend?

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  1. Sounds like it has been a great week! Our 4H fair is in July – it is amazing…next year I’ll have to see if you guys want to come up for it, it’s pretty big…and we can both compete in the skillet throw contest!!! My oldest daughter dances in it with her 4H clogging club. 😉

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