Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Angela. I am a scientist, wife, cat-mom, and fitness enthusiast. This page is my personal blog, and you will find a range of topics, centered around healthy living. Why “The Chicken Scoop”?  Well, when I started this blog, we had just gotten a small flock of chickens and the name just stuck!  I hope you enjoy your visit!

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January 2016 Goals

Happy New Year! I completely missed the obligatory “New Year, New Me” blog post but that’s just not where I’m at right now anyway. I just don’t have any major goals for 2016 and I’m happy going day-by-day right now instead of trying to see any bigger than that. Really, in 2016, I’d just like to be healthier, find a job, and be happy. That’s

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2015 Recap

This year was tough. There was a lot on my plate for the entire year: grad school, then finding a job, then a job that took 14 hours of my day, and now recovering from all the stress (and finding a new job). Despite all that, looking back at my Plans for 2015, I pretty much accomplished what I wanted to this year! Let’s

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4 Weeks of Routine

Work has been crazy lately. Last week wasn’t so bad but felt difficult for some reason. The two weeks before though, I was working lots of extra hours and feeling really stressed out. On the bright side, there are no clients at the office for the next 4 weeks and hopefully I can stick to a regular routine for a while.

I thought about making

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90 Days to Thanksgiving

Where, oh where, has Angela been?  Around and busy.  What else can I say?  I wasn’t as Nicely Settled In as I claimed in my last post.  Just the next week, my commute turned into chaos and I realized half my clothing essentials were still packed!  But I am getting there slowly.  I am starting to get a feel for routine, and it is relieving

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5 Struggles With 21 Day Fix Extreme

Apparently I have a tough time with strict weight loss challenges. I made it a whopping 2 full days on the 21 Day Fix Extreme (21DFE)! There were a few things I just wasn’t prepared for when starting 21DFE, especially with the holiday weekend only 3 days into the challenge. You would think having accountability partners would help but it didn’t stop me from slipping

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Fit Approach and #1MillionMiles

I don’t normally join in on big group projects but Fit Approach is doing a #1MillionMinutes challenge with their ambassadors and followers. Since I am an ambassador, I figured I should get off my butt and join the movement!

They sent us a Mad Lib to fill out to share with our readers so here it goes:

I am so excited to join #1MillionMinutes

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Rocking My Fitness Challenge

Good morning! Today marks the half way point in my 8 week fitness challenge with my Facebook Group! I’ve been doing pretty well with the challenge. My goal was to exercise 5 days per week:

The yellow check marks are rest days (since I get 2 per week, any more than that got a red x).

Considering that I was averaging about 2

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Snoozing Through My Workouts: 5 Tips to Make Morning Exercise Easier

Clock, Alarm, Time

The first 2 weeks of my 8 week fitness challenge are done and I really dropped the ball in week 2.

I was super busy Thursday through Sunday and I didn’t make the time to get in some exercise. Even though I did more walking than usual, I didn’t hit my 7,000 step mark which I count as an “active day”.

What I

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