Changing Direction: Maintenance

Changing Direction: Maintenance

I know, I am always changing up my methods but I think that is what keeps me on track.  Doing the same thing every day is boring.  Anyway!  I’ve decided to change my weight loss methods.  I know I haven’t talked about it much here but I’ve had my tracker on Spark People set to lose about a half a pound per week.  I decided to change it.  To maintenance.

Last night after my awesome run, my husband said to me “Well, maybe its good to take off for a while and stuff your face”.  LoL, gotta love him but he has got a good point!  I was thinking that yes, I probably did need a break.  I was putting lots of pressure on myself to exercise and not really getting it done.  My runs were crap and I wasn’t enjoying myself.  I needed to step back.

Also, maybe trying to limit my calories wasn’t the best idea.  I mean, it really worked for me to lose the 50lbs but maybe that isn’t what I need anymore.  I still want to lose a little fat but I know that losing fat doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight.  And that to lose fat, I need to also build muscle.  I know this!!  But sometimes even when you know something, its hard to accept and practice.  So I’m going to stop being hard headed. 

I’m going to run a lot in the next few weeks and after my half marathon on September 18th, I’m going to add weight lifting back in.  I just want to get into a routine first and then start working on those sexy muscles again (FYI I thought my arms looked awesome in my tank top the other day after carrying a bunch of heavy boxes!  Woohoo biceps!).  But I’m going to make sure I’m enjoying my runs and not putting any pressure on myself.  I’m also going to eat to fuel myself.  That means about 1800-2000 calories for me.  If I lose inches then fabulous!  But if I don’t lose weight, no biggie.

I am debating on using my body fat calculator in the meantime.  I think this weekend, I will take some before pictures and some baseline measurements (weight, body fat, inches).  I will also post some of my “before” and “after” photos from the past 2 years for fun.  Then I’m going to go off on this new maintenance adventure and see what happens! 

3 thoughts on “Changing Direction: Maintenance

  1. Awesome!! We're pretty much twins! I don't care much for the number on the scale (what am I talking about?? I ABSOLUTELY don't care. In fact, last time I got on the scale was to weigh my dog in my arms!) but I really want to melt some of the fat I have left and get strong, sexy muscles!

    AND: we both have a HM on Sept 18th! How fun!

  2. I've pretty much given up on losing any more…changing body composition is more of a focus for me…so I guess I'm in the same boat. I do need to get more focused or I'll be crawling at that 9/18 half!

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