Clean Home Happy Home

Clean Home Happy Home

What a day yesterday!  I took a rest day from the gym but I spent the whole day cleaning and organizing.  We are still dealing with all of the boxes from when I moved home.  We have doubles of things or things we just don’t know where to put (seriously, I have way too many textbooks).  My in-laws were coming over for dinner though so I got to work and we finally have a somewhat livable kitchen area!


Of course, the other side of the house still looks like this:


This pile is WAY smaller than it was when it came home.  Its still a work in progress but at least my table is clean (where I do all my work because the desk is too small).  One less stressful thing in life!

20130712_115832In other news, our garden is doing great and I picked some tomatoes last night to use in a salad.  I may have waited too long but they were amazingly juicy and flavorful.  It was also amazing being able to just go out to my back yard when I needed ingredients!

So, this morning, I woke up not feeling Body Pump and checked the gym schedule.  There is basically nothing else for me to take on Thursday mornings at any of the 3 gyms.  Good thing I am meeting Lauren tonight for a walk at the mall (its too damn hot outside).  Besides, after the crazy fitness week I had, maybe 2 easy days isn’t a bad idea.  I plan on working out for the next 3 days to make sure I don’t get off track though!

That’s all my randomness for today.  Now, its off to get some serious work done!

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  1. I totally need a dumpster at my house…one of these days, I really am going to declutter. I do miss having a garden to go to for meal prep. I do love the CSA farm stuff, but there is something about a just picked tomato, still warm from the sunshine!!!

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