Cookies & Chickens

Cookies & Chickens

It hasn’t really rained here lately.  I’m having a party today that I wanted to do outside on the lawn.  What do you know, its raining today.  Bah!  LoL.  Anyway, I am having friends over tonight.  We had some very brown bananas in the house so I decided to look up some recipes on  I found a recipe for Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Don’t they sound amazing?!  Easiest recipe ever too so I got to baking!

I am making a funny face in that picture because I started to talk but I wanted to show you my apron I made last year and I just thought I looked cute despite the weird look 🙂  Haha!  Don’t the cookies just look amazing?!  I just have veggies and fruit for the party tonight with hummus and olives and these cookies.  The basics!

I spent some time outside yesterday with the chickens too.  The babies are so cute!

They climb all under the mama hen for protection.  It is adorable to watch them just climb all over and around her.  She wasn’t too happy with me being there with the camera though but she stayed there long enough for these.  Rob let the other chickens out too so I got some good pictures of them.  There are more on my picture website here so go check them out!

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