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If you’re hungry, just stop reading now!  So when I decided to go back to school, I told Rob he needed to get a hobby to fill the time that I would be away.  Well, it apparently is cooking.  You all have already heard about his wild yeast that he caught (still going strong) and his attempt at bread baking.  That hasn’t stopped and the last few weekends home, he has been cooking up a storm.

We had the birthday cakes and homemade stew a few weeks ago that I already posted about:

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Last weekend, Rob decided that since I love peanut butter so much, he would try making his own.  OMG did this come out delicious!  Just plain ol’ peanuts in here.  He also had other baking ideas that weekend.  Angel Food Cupcakes and Multigrain Bread (this one was Bob’s Red Mill bagged bread).


I thought he had had enough cooking but no!  This weekend was even crazier.  I came home for the weekend to a batch of fresh baked bagels!


He had a bit of a mix-up with the recipe so they are a little chewy but still taste delicious!  I have my new pre-run go to!  Saturday night, Rob wanted something to snack on.  What better than biscotti and tea?


I think I ate like 8 biscotti yesterday.  Yum!  We also made fresh pizza from scratch for dinner on Saturday. 


Then on Sunday, he decided he wanted to have chicken burgers for lunch so he needed to make rolls and chicken patties (from fresh ground chicken breast of course).

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And only an hour or two after finishing lunch, he started to prep dinner!  On the menu:  Fresh whole wheat pasta ravioli stuffed with asparagus, spinach, and mozzarella.  Now, this sounded a little strange but oh my goodness!  The first bite just tasted super healthy (in a good way) and after a few bites, it was just super delicious!!  I was amazed at how well they worked.  I can’t wait to make these again!


So I’m a big fan of Rob’s new hobby.  Some things are time consuming but what else would we be doing?  Watching tv?  And I can’t even explain how much better the flavors are than anything you can buy.  I expected that but its really cool to see what wonderful things you can make (and how easy they are).  And apparently its not over yet.  Rob already informed me that he needs to bake bread tonight so he can have sandwiches for lunch this week and send half with me to school.  Geez I’m so spoiled!

Do you make anything from scratch that people usually buy pre-made?
What is your favorite thing to make from scratch?

12 thoughts on “Cooking From Scratch

  1. Now, that I’m in week 2 of the gluten-intolerance diagnosis, I’m pretty much making everything! I spent 18 hours just trying to get yeasty bread to be edible and somewhat normal-looking.

    Bobby is my best customer! The last one was “alright” and can be improved upon somewhat still. I’ll get to pizza crust, cookies, cakes and that later. Maybe even bagels. Did he boil them before baking? That’s the Jewish way, if not normal way.

    1. Yes he did have to boil the bagels before baking. Gives them that shiny crust! And good luck with finding a good bread for you! Bob has the best stuff and I know he has some gluten free stuff!

  2. I do scratch, not pricey mixes but I’ve used Bob’s flours for years (sadly, had to give almost all of them away as the ones I had were gluteny!).

  3. Umm, yes please!

    AMAZING! The biscotti looks incredible… I’m still trying to see if I can create one that’s gluten-free =)

    You are one lucky lady!

  4. I make tortillas from scratch and most everything else since we are paleo and there isn’t really a “paleo” manufacturer of stuff (it would kind be an oxy*****, now wouldn’t it!?!?)
    I’ve made almond butter and breads…tried almond meal, but stopped just short of a good consistence since I was afraid of making butter!

    1. Tiffany: I have the same problem with making “nut meals!”

      It may not work for you but try Since I’m gluten-free, I’m almost “no grain” now but I do still get my legumes (baking with “bean flours” now).

      I know you don’t do beans/ peas (legumes) but they have just OODLES of stuff there and a lot cheaper (in bulk) than Bob’s at the grocery!

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