Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn

What a Monday!  I mentioned I was feeling rundown yesterday and I had eaten bad so I expected to feel bad later too but I never expected sleeping for 11 hours!

First, I was starving for dinner by 2PM.  All that bread I had eaten just went right through me like empty calories.  I finally caved and ate dinner around 3:30 (after snacks weren’t doing anything for me).

Then, after a quick phone call with Rob that I barely remember, I fell asleep on the couch around 6:30.  At 7:30 I remember moving to my bedroom.  Around 11:30, I woke up and turned off the lights and got properly ready for bed.  I woke up once or twice during the night but finally got up at around 6 today!  I still felt beat this morning (side effect of all that bad eating) but I got ready for my run anyway (since I obviously didn’t do it last night).  My run was pretty uneventful and shorter than I wanted (3.6 miles, not the 6-8 I wanted).  My legs just felt like bricks from dehydration and my mind was all sorts of foggy.

So back to operation July Restart!  I did run today right?  Woohoo!  My schedule/plan for the rest of the week:

Tuesday:  Run (check!), ST?
Wednesday:  Run (3-5 miles), ST?
Thursday:  Run (3 miles), Yoga or ST?
Friday:  Rest Day
Saturday:  Long Run (9 miles is on the schedule)
Sunday:  Insanity?  ST?  Something hard and intense!

I’m also cutting out all grains and dairy again.  It is so easy to forget what eating them does to me.  My lunch today has feta in it (I didn’t realize the sausage I made was spinach & feta flavored, oops) but hopefully its not too much that it won’t bother me.  On a side note, Charissa at Colourful Palate is doing a smoothie challenge for the month of July.  I completely forgot about it (since I was barely online last week).  I like seeing all the submissions to her challenge and the ones she comes up with.  I’d like to make a few more for it too, but I really have nothing at home that I could use.  I really wanted to use up everything I have at home before making a grocery story trip though.  We’ll see!

That’s it for today!  I’m already feeling more alert but still not 100%.  Just have to keep working at it!  Happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Crash and Burn

  1. at least you got your run in this morning!!! I did not run, my right leg woke me up at 2am in extreme pain! I can barely walk down stairs. Hobble is what I have to do to make it down them haha. I think its because I just dont stretch! and my calf is all tight! I am going to try and run tonight after work or tomorrow. Great job with getting a plan ready for this week!

  2. Good for you – some miles are better than no miles! I’m sure after a few days of better eating you’ll be feeling chipper again. I had a GREAT run this morning…I didn’t run at all last week (crazy schedule, at the shore, etc) and I think the rest did me good…either that or the ST has helped…I’ll take it either way! Going out again tomorrow for another 4…hopefully it’ll be just as good!

  3. I never liked smoothies (bought) but when I started making my own, that changed! Mine are almost always water-based with fruit/ veg and MAYBE Shakeology and often with ice for “fluff.” Sometimes I like to put in almond milk (unsweetened/ unflavored) and sometimes I melt a bit of coconut oil and put in…

    Usually it’s like the past week, simple: pureed pumpkin (from a tin!) and Shakeology with about 12oz of water to “move” it. That pumpkin puree sort of doesn’t go anywhere ;p

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