Crunch Time

Hey everyone!  I know it has been like crickets around here.  I have been super busy with school.  There has been a lot of coffee, reading, and paper writing happening.  I have 3 huge things due all this week!

2015-02-06 11.47.07Drink Coffee, Study, Drink More Coffee, Study, Sleep, Repeat.

This semester, while it is my last, is looking like it will also be my hardest and busiest.  That basically means there isn’t a lot of fitness happening lately.  I joined a gym on the first of the month and was so excited to start using it but haven’t even had a chance!  Some dilemmas I’ve run into:

  • Getting enough sleep (I’ve been getting 8 hour but it leaves no time for other things)
  • Having time to pack my bag the night before
  • Having time to prep and pack my meals (since I will go right from the gym to the train)
  • Having enough time for my studies

I actually had to give up my grader position this semester.  I graded 1 homework and it took around 10 hours in one weekend.  First, that was excessive and would boil down to about $5 per hour if it stayed that way for the entire semester.  Second, I was caving under the stress and had to let something go.  Even without that, I just barely have enough hours in the week for all essential things.  Even grocery shopping and putting away laundry has started to seem optional until I absolutely have to do it!

Seeing as how crazy things are getting, Rob has been a great help, especially in the kitchen!

FoodCollage_2015-02-15Baked sausages with orange peppers and spaghetti squash
Scrambled eggs for easy breakfasts
Steak with bacon and asparagus and a side of rosemary garlic purple potatoes!

I’d probably be living on canned soup without his help right now!  He even makes big batches of breaded baked chicken on the weekends so I can pack them in my lunch box all week.  They taste fine cold which is a huge bonus because I can’t always heat up my food. They can also be thrown on a salad or in a tortilla wrap for a complete and easy meal.

One thing I’m concerned about is that I’m about 8 weeks out from the April Fool’s Day Half Marathon.  Not. Good.  I’m too stubborn to give up though.  It is go time and I need to start getting those miles in.  I’m not stressing about it but I will be bummed come race day if I’m not up for it!  I also put my name into the lottery for the Broad Street Run in Philly in May.  I have run it twice before and would love to do it again.  A friend from school also put her name in.  I hope we both get in!!

Well, I have to get back to work.  2 papers are due tomorrow and I still have programming and number crunching to do!

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