DC, Here I Come!

Good morning friends!  Yes, it is super early and I am already posting!  This last week has been crazy!  I have so much school work to do!

  • Nonlinear Optics Exam (Thursday)
  • Quantum Mechanics Take Home Exam (due ???)
  • Mathematical Methods Homework (due Monday)
  • Research Presentation (due Monday)

Only 4 things doesn’t seem like much but over 3 days, only the exam got crossed off because I was studying like crazy!

On top of that, I leave today for Washington DC for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon!


I was (and still am) registered for the full but you probably remember when I decided to only do the half.  It is a good thing because I just couldn’t mentally handle the training the last few months.  I can just drop down at the expo (or on race day).  But, anyway, I am excited to head down today!  I am even meeting some friends from Spark People and Fabulous Fitness at dinner tonight!  This weekend isn’t going to leave me much time for homework though.  Its going to be a rough Sunday night of cramming!

On a more personal note, I have been feeling a bit down the last few months.  There were a lot of changes going on last summer that really stressed me out and then it was just one thing after another from there.  I have really felt a lot better the last few weeks.  At first, I didn’t really notice it but then I realized I was exercising again and eating right.  I didn’t feel better because I was being healthy but rather, I was being healthy because I felt better.  Make sense?  So that is just a good thing I wanted to share. 

Well, time to get some work done before Rob and Jess get here to whisk me off to DC!

4 thoughts on “DC, Here I Come!

  1. See you there, Chica! Very exciting…and the weather should be good…and hopefully, the scenery will be pretty…hoping the blossoms are still out! Looks like hubs will be walking the half. So, Rob will just have to hang until we all get there at the end! I’m just focusing on the Guinness waiting for me at the finish!!! HA!

    1. I’m thinking Rob should forget about taking pictures at the finish line and just be waiting with beers for us all. What do you think??? LOL! Are you going to have your phone on you in the morning? I can text you and we can try to find each other before the race! What corral are you in?

  2. Good luck tomorrow~!!! so jealous you get to hang w/ tiffany and a bunch of spark friends. But I knwo you guys will have a blast, and I cant wait to hear about it!

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