December 2014 Goals

I haven’t been making monthly goals because I haven’t had the time or energy to commit to them.  School ends next week though and I only have 2 finals so I should be home free after that to commit to my health.  So these are less of December Goals and more like Last 3 Weeks of December Goals.  I’ll use this week as a warm up and see how it goes.  Anyway, here is what I have planed.


Goal 1:  Start Body Beast

I know I was supposed to start yesterday but this week quickly went downhill when it comes to free time.  I’ll be busy super Wednesday and Friday this week also so the new plan for Body Beast is to start within the next week or so and to commit to it.  That is, to continue doing the workouts throughout the rest of the month (and then the rest of the entire program).  Better late than never?

Goal 2:  Eat Clean

Eat real food, eat clean, eat natural, whatever you want to call it.  I have my own definition of natural, wholesome food and I need to eat it more often.  I have been eating out way too often, eating too many sweets and treats, too many calorie-filled beverages, not enough water, too much packaged crap, etc.  We all know what healthy food is.  That is what I should be eating!

Goal 3:  Eat 2100 Calories

The Book of the Beast (the nutrition plan that came with Body Beast) has calculated my required caloric intake for the Build and Bulk phases of the program to be approximately 2100 calories per day.  If you have ever tried to lose weight, you are probably freaking out at that number right now – so much food!!  BUT!  The goal of BB is to build muscle and to do that, you need to eat.  I will trust the system and eat my calories while I do the workouts.  Let’s just hope that the inches and body fat go down!  (Hint:  it should)

Goal 4:  Drink Water

I always struggle with water but it is even worse than ever lately.  If I get rid of caloric drinks, adding water in should be easier.  It also keeps snacking at bay which means eating less crap.

And that’s it!  I don’t want to get too complicated right now.  Like I said, school ends in 1 week and then finals and research and stuff.  Also, residency applications have started so I will soon be traveling a ton for interviews (well, hopefully anyway!).  The work never ends.  I just hope that during winter break, I can get back into better habits that I can carry through next semester without too much trouble.

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