Easing the Pain

Hey everyone!  I am crazy peppy today.  It could be that I’m on my second 16 ounce coffee for the day (and the second place didn’t have decaf!!). 

Today was my last day of 4AM wake up calls.  I could go tomorrow but its optional and I have nothing else to do on campus so why travel the 4 hours for a 2 hour session? (Total travel time is about 4 hours per day. One way travel is 20 minutes to drive to the train, about 70 minutes on the train, up to 30 minutes walking to campus).

HighSierraPowerglideAnyway, good news: I ordered a rolling backpack!  My bookbag weighs in between 15-30 lbs every day depending on what I have (laptop, textbooks, etc. – weight does not include my lunchbox).  So, after much research, I decided on the High Sierra Powerglide.  I had really wanted a rolling laptop bag that looked more lady like and professional but they are pretty much $100+ and I don’t have that kind of money.  This one had all the features I wanted, lots of space, and good reviews.  And since its all black, it doesn’t really look unprofessional or anything.  Can’t wait to try it out!!

So I’m getting much more efficient on campus.  I won’t have to carry my stuff.  I now know how to take the bus to and from campus.  Maybe I’ll actually have the energy to do workouts in the mornings and on the weekends at this rate!  This weekend, I hope to hit the gym on Friday and Sunday at least.  Saturday, I could do it if I go early in the morning without Rob.  That never seems to pan out though!

Anyway, I have to get going and do some actual work for the day.  I have to practically translate my textbook because it is so hard to understand.  Then I have to do the homework assignment!  It never ends!

2 thoughts on “Easing the Pain

  1. Hooray for your rolling bag! That should help and the bus will be great especially in the winter! You won’t have to slosh through puddles! Have a great weekend!

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