Enjoy Summer 2016

Hello strangers!  It has only been over a month since my last blog.  My how the time has flown by!  I have been super busy this summer.  Also, with the new job, I’m finding it really hard to fit in blogging time.  How about we just get caught up and try to do better in the next few days and weeks to come?

Friends & Family

I’ve been spending lots of time with friends and family lately.  Basically every weekend is jam packed with activities.

2016-08-12 22.12.56
Blink 182 Concert

2016-07-17 17.16.44
Warped Tour 2016

2016-08-06 17.52.33
Grandma’s 89th Birthday Party

We’ve also been obsessed with painting parties lately
2016-08-05 21.37.562016-07-22 18.54.282016-07-22 20.32.16

We’ve had lots of other things as well like helping a friend move, weddings, baby showers, etc.  It has been one busy summer!

Health & Fitness

I’ve been trying to keep up with my health while working so hard too.  It was rough getting into a routine at first because there was a lot of overtime at work.  Then I just had trouble getting motivated.  One reason is that some of my previous stomach problems from the past are back with a vengeance.  I don’t want to go into details but I’ve not been feeling well.  Lethargic, just overall blah.  It makes it hard to get out there for a run.  This is a problem since I signed up for the Atlantic City Half Marathon Neptune Challenge!  But I’ve gone to see my doctor and might go see a specialist if things don’t improve.

Since I haven’t been running (and the heat wave the last two weeks!  yuck!), I decided I needed to hit the gym more.  I went to a few classes at my local regular gym but nothing was catching me.  Everything felt boring and uninteresting.  Honestly, I was missing my Bull Pen workouts but they only have the 9am class.  A friend recommended I check out a place called Ambitious Fitness.  I tried a class and loved it!  They used to be a Crossfit gym but are no longer affiliated.  They take a slightly different approach to the workouts too but it uses the same ideas – lift heavy things, get your heart rate up, functional fitness.  I’ve gone 8 times so far and don’t plan on stopping.

2016-07-30 08.39.092016-08-11 17.28.06-1
2016-08-15 17.40.242016-08-06 08.33.57

I’ve already canceled my other gym membership.  I can use it until the 8th of September so I plan on getting a few runs in at least, on the treadmill, out of the heat!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for an update today.  I do promise to try more on updating you all, even if its just once a week!  (I’ll shoot for more)  Time to go relax with the hubs!

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  1. It has been toasty lately, I can’t imagine your high temperatures with humidity. Gasp! We have hot weather but there is almost no humidity. No running outside for me lately either, tears… Glad we are both getting back into the swing of things though. 🙂

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