Enjoying the Spring

Happy Monday!  It has been over a week since my last blog, wow!  It is so busy right now at school.  The end of the semester is always the hardest time and now that I have joined a research group, the workload is even heavier.  On the scale of priorities, writing a blog post isn’t always very high.  Anyway!

Some little updates, my April challenge is going pretty well but I have to admit that I missed some workouts last week.  Homework has been taking a higher ranking that fitness so it is what it is.  I have been trying to get steps in when I can (and when my foot isn’t hurting).

This past weekend, I also made sure to get some relaxation in while it was gorgeous outside!  I also got a ton of housework and homework done.  We took a break on Sunday to spend a few hours in Philly.  We met friends from my graduate program for dim sum in Chinatown in Philly. 

2014-04-13 12.44.26
2014-04-13 10.43.162014-04-13 10.49.35
2014-04-13 10.52.30

Then we walked over to Reading Terminal Market to shop around and get some smoked kielbasi for Easter this weekend.  It is always a shame going there when you aren’t hungry!  So much amazing food!  I did get some iced coffee and we found some smoked sausages at a German meat market so a minor success.  The Amish markets aren’t open on Sundays though so that is always a bummer.

2014-04-13 12.35.12

On our way home from the city, we stopped for groceries at our local produce outlet and they had lots of plants for cheap!  I picked up some herbs and 4 tomato plants so our garden is starting to look happy again!

2014-04-13 15.35.12

That is all that is really going on right now.  I’m sorry I don’t have better, more frequent posts right now.  I have some planned but they take time to research and write, and I just don’t have time to give right now!  And now I must be off for a class lecture about our Master’s project that we’re doing next year.  The class at 1, a short break, and another class in the evening before heading back home on the 7:12 train.  I left my house at 6:35 this morning.  What an exciting life I lead! 

Have you been enjoying nice weather lately?  What do you do to get outside?

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