Farewell Renaissance

So, I kind of checked out for the last few days. I actually worked on several blog posts over the weekend but none of them felt up to par. My midterm on Wednesday went well enough. Then I had off from school Thursday and Friday. I had all these glorious plans for my 4 day weekend but nothing really panned out.

Rob ended up taking a half day Thursday and a full day Friday to spend time with me.  We really just relaxed and didn’t worry about chores or anything.  We hadn’t gotten any real time to spend together since I started school so it was lovely!

PhotoGrid_1381704682629Sunday, Rob and I randomly decided to head out to the Renaissance Faire for the last time this year and I had a great time as usual.  Best part was that we got there late and after 4:00, it is half price entry!  We just walked around for a few hours, ate dinner, and enjoyed being outside and people watching.  I can’t wait for next year!!

Today, it is back to the grind.  I have shadowing in the evenings this week from 6-8 PM.  I heard it often runs late so I may miss the 8:45 train and have to take the 10:45 train.  That would get me home around 12:30 AM!  Yuck!  Let’s hope I don’t have to do that too often this week.

20131011_160004Health & Fitness

Health is up and down as always.  I took my measurements last week and I am way up in everything.  Not good.  As I’ve always thought though, in order to lose weight, you have to be ready.  So while I still struggle, I have obviously not reached the “ready” point.  I will keep trying to get there though!

I managed to only hit the gym once this weekend.  You would think with all that time off?  I blame being out of habit.  I really just forget to go sometimes!  Working on that.

I also took pictures of all my food yesterday to help with personal accountability.  I am trying that out again today too.  I ate a lot of snacks yesterday but it was often only one or two pieces.  Still, lots of snacks.


You can also see that I’m not eating paleo at all right now.  I am just working on tracking and calories.  Keeping away from grains and dairy is always there, but isn’t top priority right now.

That’s pretty much it for today!  I have class and then a few hours until shadowing tonight.  Plenty of time to study and get some work done.  Until tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Farewell Renaissance

  1. I had some dairy last week (damned chocolate custard), should post the cyst I’m enjoying from it. I absolutely know that I’ll get 1 – 5 and I still do it. TOM, what can I say? There’s just nothing else like it for replacement.

    So glad to see you and Rob had ‘you’ time!

  2. I have started tracking again. Its amazing to see what I thought was an ounce of cashews would be, as oppose to what it really is. I hate doing it, but from time to time, it helps

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