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DSCN6508As I told you yesterday, I really hate salads.  I just don’t know why.  Maybe the flavors never blend well for me.  But then, I went out to lunch with a friend on Tuesday and remembered how much I love chopped salads.  I think its because I can scoop it up and there is a little of everything in each bite.  It totally changes the flavor and texture.  Its completely different to me! 

So on Wednesday, I made sure to try a chopped salad for my lunch made by myself and it was good! (Romaine lettuce, orange peppers, red onions, olives, tomatoes, tuna)


DSCN6520So that’s my secret.  I have to make chopped salads.  Yum!  I also drove home last night, going to do work from here.  For the car ride, I made a mega smoothie with all sorts of veggies and fruits.  It was ok tasting but at least it kept me from munching on anything else in the car!

DSCN6522When I got home, I had some pork chops I needed to use for dinner.  Rob had his own plans so we both used the Foreman Grill I just got him (and he loves now).  I made pork chops with McCormick seasoning and soy sauce.  They were delicious!!!

Just look at all those fruits and veggies for the day!!


This morning, I knew needed to run, rain or shine, wind or not.  I had a late start getting up but finally got out the door and was SO EXCITED by the weather.  It still took me forever to finally leave (Garmin was dead-I just charged it!, Ipod was dead, gr).  So I finally made it out and before I knew it, I was done a mile!  Lately, even just a mile has been painful with walking breaks but I breezed right through.  From there on out, I tried to only walk when it was at a mile marker or I really needed to drink.  Now, I was using Endomondo on my phone to track my run and it kept auto pausing so I think the overall time is off by only a minute or so but that would only add less than 10 seconds to my average mile pace.. Which means.. I kicked some booty on this run!!!


Its too small for you to read but the average pace says 10:27!!  That is a bit faster than I have been running!  Woohoo!  I did a total of 7 miles and I felt great the whole time!!!  It is amazing what nice weather does for me!  Its funny because Lauren and I were talking just yesterday about how neither of us were in love with running anymore.  I’m not saying I’m totally forgiving it but it made up for it with the run today!  I am feeling much better about the half next weekend!

Time to be off, lots of work to do and meeting my sister for lunch too!

5 thoughts on “Figuring it Out

  1. Congrats on that pace and thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!

    Like you, I prefer chopped salads. If I have a salad (which is often) that’s not small, I sit there with a fork and knife, cutting it up as best I can. I think I could food-process almost everything I eat (all goes to the same place!) with lupus (often guts can’t take raw foods, anyway). Celiac adds another layer of trouble (til gut is healed) but I still have lupus, which is a problem. Salads are a great way to get in a lot of nutrients for “little calories” (depending on what you put in them, of course). I like them but I get bored easily. You can switch out ingredients but I still get tired of salads sometimes.

  2. Woo Hoo!
    As for your garmin, make sure you turn off the GPS to prolong battery life between charges. It drains if the GPS is left on…I discovered that the hard way!!

    1. I came all the way back to this comment just to tell you.. Oh my gosh! You are so right! My watch has been maintaining battery life like crazy! I guess the “sleep mode” is useless.

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