First Run of 2014

First Run of 2014

I ran!  Yesterday, I was determined to hit the gym after Rob got home from work but I really, really wanted to go run.  Even though it was a mere 35 degrees outside, Rob agreed that it would be more fun that being in the weight room and we headed out.

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Our town bought an old “pit” and turned it into a nature reserve and park with lots of trails.  We ran here a few times over the summer too (before it was officially open).  We got there just as the sun was starting to set and had beautiful views.  The main trail loops around this “lake” (man-made) so you always have a pretty view.

As for the run, I have one description

Burning lungs of fire

Have you run in the cold?  It is so painful!  On top of the fact that I haven’t run in months, the cold air was like stabbing ice spears in my chest.  I was gasping for breathe from the start but I did my best to just keep moving.  I walked when I wanted, stopped for a picture or two, but mostly just kept trudging along.  And I did better than I thought I would!


Total distance was 1.65 miles (Dailymile rounds up so its not actually 2) in about 23 minutes.  For not running in months, I’ll take it!  Plus while this trail is the best South Jersey can offer (land of flatness), it still has some hills, logs, soft sand, etc. which is harder to run on than flat pavement.  I plan on continuing to run here and try to improve my time.  Eventually, I’ll add more laps too!

Today’s plan is to hit the weight room with Rob after her gets off of work.  I am thinking about doing Jamie Eason’s Livefit training plan from  I have heard good things and I like the variety in the plan.  It is 12 weeks long so we shall see!

11 thoughts on “First Run of 2014

  1. We had -18F (real temp) this AM. Apart from shovelling and a little hiking with B, that’s IT for me outside! –And I try to only do those things when it’s -4F or above!

    1. Yeesh! We are in single digits right now which I didn’t think was a big deal but I heard something about breaking records on the radio this morning. It was often in singles and negatives when I was in Syracuse. I don’t know how you handle it though!!

      1. It’s not normal for us to go below single digits, so how to handle it? My point! I’m staying IN. Good on yer for getting out there! 🙂

  2. Great job on getting out there! I think your body just acclimates to the cold. When it’s really cold (less than 20 degrees) I wear a neck gaiter over my mouth that warms the air. Much easier to breathe.

  3. I agree that running in the cold beats the weight room any day! Your lungs will get more used to it the more you do it…but it’s never easy! We’re on our second day of no school here due to dangerously cold temps–needless to say today will be a treadmill day!

  4. Running in the cold for me is okay but not in the freezing cold! It was negative degrees here in OHIO the past few days. I stayed indoors for my workouts.

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