Fit Friday!

Good morning!  Can I tell I couldn’t think of a good blog title?  LoL.  Lots of things going on today!  First thing, I had a fun trip to Walmart last night.  Haha.  I got some craft supplies for a project I am doing.  Then I hit the workout section and found a Yoga DVD I have been wanting!  I also found a DVD for only $3 that has 3 10-minute workouts.  I actually went for weights and they only had 1 10-lb dumbbell.  Silly store.  I bought the one I could and hopefully they will restock.

So I tried my new yoga DVD last night and loved it!  It was very relaxing.  It is AM yoga so its supposed to wake you up which I could see it doing that too but since I was tired, it just was putting me to sleep.  I did the “forward bend” segment (each segment is 20 minutes – there are 5, one for each weekday), and it hit every tight running muscle I had!  I plan on adding this DVD into my regular routine.

Since I was such a slacker last night and it was hot (excuse), I did not run.  My eating has been terrible too.  Too many treats this week.  Today and tomorrow, I’m going to really work on that.  I have happy hour tonight with Rob’s friends and a retirement party tomorrow for one of Rob’s coworkers.  I will do the best I can at those!  I’ve had enough splurges this week.

So anyway!  I ran this morning since I skipped it last night.  I woke up to thunder so I knew it would be on the treadmill.  I almost didn’t run but I told myself I wouldn’t have time later and I have to run today so I can do my long run Sunday (instead of tomorrow when it would be too hot).  To make it a little harder and more interesting, I made up the workout you see here.  I was a soaking wet mess by the end!  The paces were good for me.  If you want to modify for yourself, take you long run pace and put it for your first interval (my 5.0) and then just up your speed by .5 after every half mile.  At 2 miles, go down to your LRP+.5 and then cool down for the last half mile (jogging or walking).

On a non-health note, I tried my first Pinterest project last night!  I found a tip on “Hard Boiled Eggs” that if you bake them, they come out the same.  I have a tough time with hard boiled eggs because our chickens’ eggs are so healthy, they are hard to peel and you lose half the egg white to the trash.  Rob signed me up to make devil eggs for the party this Saturday and so I figured I would give this a test run.  I popped them in the oven at 325 degrees for 25 minutes.  The brown egg I had didn’t peel well at all but it also seemed under-cooked in the yolk.  The white egg was perfect inside and peeled wonderfully.  Next time, I will be more careful to separate the eggs by size and cook the larger (brown) eggs a little longer.  It really did come out exactly like a hard boiled egg though!

Finally, I made a super easy and tasty dinner the last few nights.  It is so simple and looks plain but its farm from it!  I just cooked up some diced chicken (pre-diced so it would cook faster) in a little olive oil and water.  I sprinkled on some Pampered Chef rub seasoning for flavor and covered with a lid.  After the chicken was 90% done, I added diced zucchini to the pan with more seasoning and oilve oil spray.  Put the lid on again to let it steam and viola!  Easy dinner!  The seasoning is what really makes it tasty.  3 simple ingredients and with different spices, you can make it any flavor!  Two nights ago was Thai Curry, last night was Moroccan!  You don’t have to be a fancy cook to eat well.

So I don’t have my goals chart for this week but I think I totally crashed and burned.  I got my water most days but the eating was awful.  I ran only twice (and won’t be tomorrow) and got 4/5 workouts.  I am really happy that I got my 6 miles in on Tuesday though.  My motivation has been waning and so that was a good moment for me.  I am also proud I didn’t cave into self-whining this morning about my run.  Now, I just need to eat well today and tomorrow and do my long run on Sunday!

Just an FYI, I’ll be setting up my next set of goals to run from July 1-10th.  One of my accountability partners likes to do 10 days a time and I like that idea too.  There are 30 days in July, so that’s 3 sets of 10 days (I like following the calendar).  I will think of new goals this weekend and implement them starting on Sunday/Monday!

4 thoughts on “Fit Friday!

  1. That’s interesting, cooking in an oven instead. With our temps being well over 100F, I don’t turn on an oven for anything! It’s all skillet-cooking in summer here.

    BTW, 100s is NOT typical Middle of the Country weather. That’s AZ or TX or wherever. Last year we were crazy-hot and this year we’re too hot, too. I don’t like it one bit! We also haven’t had rain in a couple of months, so trees are dying, let alone the grass has been dead so long we’re turning to DUST in places!

    1. I don’t recall what the usual temp is here at this time of year but we’re not breaking the 100s so I’m relatively happy! Still hot in the 90s though.

      And I was thinking, I don’t think baking them was really any better than the stove top. And considering my method for hard boiling, it probably uses less energy to boil them (bring water w/eggs to rapid boil, boil for 1 minute, turn off heat, let sit covered for 15 minutes). We’ll see!

  2. YEAAAAA for getting on the treadmill for your run. I am the QUEEN of excuses when it comes to working out! I will tell you, having you and Tiffany to report to and keep up with for the marathon training, has really helped keep me in line!

  3. Good job! I don’t have too much trouble with eggs…it helps if they aren’t very fresh (but not OLD!) and if you cool them right away. Then they seem to peel better. Though, not freezing water to cool them, just running them under cold water for several minutes then leaving them in the water…to cool…. good luck!

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