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FitBit, We Have a Problem

Working from home has its advantages.

  • I’m close to fresh cooked, health meals at all times (my kitchen).
  • The bathroom is never messy from someone else or occupied.
  • I have a never-ending supply of fresh coffee (thank you Keurig).
  • I control the thermostat.
  • No boss looking over your shoulder or annoying coworkers.

It also has some disadvantages.  There are other distractions:

“Mom, can I sit with you?”

“Stop staring at that screen and pet us.”

“Pet me now or I will claw your leg.”

“Mom, I want to be an outside cat.”
(meows at the back door incessantly)

Finally, one major downside is the lack of movement:


This is a snapshot of my FitBit Dashboard on a day that I worked from home, managed not to leave the house (major time waster for me), and finally get some exercise in the afternoon.  This “successful” day left me with only 1999 steps and 1722 calories burned! 

That means just to maintain my weight, I would only get to eat 1722 calories and even less to lose weight.  That just makes me cringe, especially because I’m not tracking right now.  Besides, getting that low amount movement each day is no good for your body.  Optimal health doesn’t just come from workouts but through being active throughout the day.  Imagine if I hadn’t worked out that day!

I’m not exactly sure yet how I’m going to solve this.  I live on a tiny street (1/4 mile) with no sidewalks or shoulder that people speed down.  It is mostly walk-able until you hit the two major roads on either end (with no shoulders or sidewalks also).  I think I just need to make up some general rules:

  • At least 7000 steps per day.
  • On days working from home, wear comfortable clothes that I can exercise in.
  • Get up from the desk at least once every hour to move for at least 5 minutes

My options for movement could include walking, jumping jacks, yoga, marching in place, Zumba, anything!  If I am wearing exercise clothes, I can do whatever I like throughout the day, even go for a run!

So that is the basic plan right now.  A little movement throughout the day to boost my steps and calorie burn.  I am even thinking I can clear a spot on the counter to put my laptop there while I do non-work things like blogging.  Hey, not a bad idea!  I can even fidget while I stand to get more movement and it will limit my distraction time because who wants to stand in one spot for too long?  (Years of being a restaurant hostess has taught me the pain of standing in one place for hours.)

So while I’m not having any goals for July, I did say I wanted to get more movement so this falls right in line.  I know putting a number of steps on it is a “measureable” goal but I’m not going to keep track of how many days I reach that goal.  I’m just taking it day by day.  It gives me a number to shoot for.  Now, I think its time for that 5 minute break!

Do you get enough movement throughout the day or do you depend on workouts to make up the difference?

4 comments to FitBit, We Have a Problem

  • Tiffany

    There are days when the only time I feel like I am NOT moving are when I am in my car! I should grab a pedometer and clip it on one day just as a check, but I think that I move a lot during the day…I also work from home, but I have 4 kids and 2 dogs that require attention…so I don’t sit for too long at one time!
    Love your plan! Can’t wait to see how it makes a difference…

  • I’m off during the summer, so it’s basically one long weekend for me and my activity always, ALWAYS suffers because of it. So I have an alarm on phone to go off every hour to remind me to move around 10 minutes. I start it at 9am (I enjoy sleeping in) and don’t stop it until 9pm. I know that once my husband gets home from work, I tend to run errands, etc so I get more activity, but it’s a solid reminder, all day long. I’ve actually been working on a ledge to put my laptop on the treadmill, so I can work and walk. My problem is over summer I want to get work done, but hate being tied to a chair, so I’m hoping to solve that problem 🙂

  • Jodi F

    What a great post & Idea! My kids definitely keep me active but I would love to track it!
    Jodi from http://thenoiseofboys.com

  • kristen

    I have been hearing more and more about people having a stand up desk. I would even love to have my computer on a treadmill just to walk. Imagine on many steps we could get in, just when we are writting our blogs!

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